Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 will be the Year of the iPad Clone

David Pogue wrote for The New York Times.

"It's an old pattern by now. Phase 1: Apple introduces some new gadget. The bloggers and the industry tell us why it'll fail. Phase 2: It goes on sale. The public goes nuts for it. Phase 3: Every company and its brother gets to work on a copycat,"

"It happened with the iMac and the iPhone. Now the iPad is entering Phase 3,"

"Apple sold 15 million iPads in nine months, so you can bet that 2011 will be the Year of the iPad Clone."

"If you're interested in a tablet, you'd be wise to wait a couple of months. You'll want to consider whatever Apple has up its sleeve for the iPad's second coming, of course…"

The full article here.

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