Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The next iLife app: FaceTime iChat?

Dennis Sellers writes for Macsimum News:
"The online scuttlebutt says iLife 2011 is coming very soon, dropping iDVD and adding a new app,"
"I think that's about right, and I think that new app may be a hybrid of FaceTime and iChat. (FaceChat? iTime? Naw, Apple will probably just call it FaceTime.)"

"Right now FaceTime only works iPhone 4/iPod touch to iPhone 4/iPod touch. However, since all Macs but the Mac
mini and Mac Pro have built-in iSight cameras (though, obviously, webcams can be attached), it only makes sense to extend FaceTime to our favorite computing platform,"
"All Macs come with iChat, so it might make sense to merge iChat and FaceTime into one app."

"That should move lots of extra Macs. But Apple is offering FaceTime as an open standard, so the company is doubtless figuring Windows systems into the equation at some point in the future."

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Google Launches New Site for Google TV

Google has launched a new site for its upcoming Google TV product which takes you through a tour of the features

10 Ways People Are Using the iPad to Create Content

The funny thing is, you still see people talking about the iPad being only for consumption. I don't think it'll ever end.


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