Monday, November 30, 2009

Product News: Mobile Goes International

Adobe's Mobile application made its way to Apple's App Store outside the United States on Monday. The photo editing application is now available in every country with App Store support.

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Apple App Store rejects ‘Droid’ app promoting Verizon’s latest pretend iPhone

Apple has rejected an app advertising the Motorola Droid, according to reports...

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iPhone Hints: Adding locations to Calendar events

Despite having a location field, the iPhone's Calendar application is kind of useless at helping you find your appointments' locations. Here's a workaround to make it a little bit easier.

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Review: More financial news apps for iPhone

Financial news apps from and Yahoo both have some worthwhile features for market watchers. But the standout app is FT Mobile, particularly if you're willing to pay for a premium membership with the financial newspaper's online site.

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nova media plug-ins add support for Nokia N97, N97 mini

<img align='left' src='' border='0' width='176' height='120' />nova media has updated its iSync plug-ins with extra support for Nokia smartphones. The collection allows Mac users to sync a phone's contact and calendar information, so long as it is one of over 250 recent models. The update supports Nokia's flagship N97, along with the N97 mini....

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Apple rejects Droid app from App Store

<img align='left' src='' border='0' width='176' height='120' />Apple has rejected an app advertising the Motorola Droid, according to reports. Called iDroid, the app has only one function, which is to imitate the glowing red eye of the Droid while linking to promotional material. Its developer is noted to be Swavv Apps, which has otherwise produced only two other titles, Beer Pong and Spin the Bottle....

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Games: Wildhollow Game Mixes Pet Raising, Adventure for Mac OS X

KarjaSoft has announced the release of Wildhollow for Mac OS X, a game in which players raise pets while exploring a fantasy world and trying to solve the mystery of the main character’s missing parents. Players meet and interact with various characters, including cowardly dragons and inept adventurers, as they take on amusing quests.

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Cyber Monday 2009: Razer’s randomized $1 sale

FROM GAMERTELL - Throughout the day the site will be marking 300 items down to US$1. Yep, one single buckeroo. One American greenback…

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Psystar sold just 768 Mac clones

Documents attached to an Apple-filed motion show that Psystar predicted selling 70,000 machines in 2009, but in fact sold a fraction of that.

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Big changes in store for Apple’s iPhone Maps app?

Apple wants to take Maps to the next level, rethink how users use Maps and change the way people...

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Games: New at the App Store: Robbie Williams Racing, Crazy Hamster, Zoo Lasso

Cyber Monday saw the release of three new iPhone games, led off by the motorcycle title Robbie Williams Racing, which features Williams’ new album, “Reality Killed the Video Star,” as its soundtrack, along with in-game versions of two songs, “Bodies” and “Difficult for Weirdos.”

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Porn app store lands on Android phones

Apple may be blocking adult-oriented apps from the iPhone, but the Android platform doesn't seem to have any such restriction.

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Google Chrome for Mac Nears Beta Release

Mike Pinkerton, leader of the Chrome for Mac team, has announced that there are only 8 remaining bugs blocking release.

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Apple job listing suggests big changes for iPhone Maps app

A job listing on Apple's website suggests a revolutionary new Maps app planned for a future iPhone or iPhone OS update.

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10 Reasons Why a Google Phone Is a Bad Idea

News Analysis: A Google Phone is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Will Google release such a device? It's possible, but it's not an ideal market move for the Web services giant. There are lots of reasons why the company shouldn't venture into the hardware business. Here are 10 of them.
- st1\:* Now that Android has taken its place as a viable alternative to the iPhone, rumors are swirling that Google is planning to release an Android-based smartphone. Already, some users are getting excited about the possibility of Google moving beyond the Web and software business...

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US bid to bypass Karzai upsets allies

Appointment of 'high representative' in Kabul forms part of Barack Obama's latest strategy

The US is seeking to extend its control over the day-to-day running of Afghanistan with the appointment of an international "high representative" in Kabul in an attempt to bypass Hamid Karzai's much-criticised government.

The initiative, being pushed by the US special envoy, Richard Holbrooke, has caused a split between Washington and its closest Nato allies, who believe it could further undermine the Afghan president's legitimacy and the United Nations' role in the country.

The proposal is part of a political strategy designed to accompany the dispatch of US reinforcements due to be announced tomorrow night by Barack Obama and ultimately provide an exit strategy.

The political package under discussion includes the installation of an Afghan chief executive at Karzai's shoulder in the government and closer international cooperation by a permanent "contact group".

The measures are designed to overcome the weakness and corruption of the Afghan government that the troops will be fighting to support. The British foreign secretary, David Miliband, has said the government would fall within weeks if Nato pulled out now.

Some European officials, including senior British figures, argue that the gains in efficiency achieved by appointing an international envoy with vice regal authority would be outweighed by the Kabul government's further loss of legitimacy.

"This has to be Afghan-owned or it's not going to work," a top European official said. European states and Canada have a more positive view of the UN's performance than the US.

Following his re-election in fraud-ridden elections, Karzai has promised his Nato backers he will a take a tougher line against corruption and has made greater efforts in supplying recruits for the Afghan army and police force whose training and deployment represent the core the exit strategy to be outlined by Obama.

Western governments are sceptical about whether Karzai will be able to reform as quickly as they would like to enable them to withdraw troops, and they are beginning to discuss contingency plans to improve Afghan governance by bypassing the president if necessary.

Foreign ministers from the countries with most troops involved â€" the US, Britain, Germany, France and Canada â€" discussed the next steps at Karzai's inauguration on 19 November.

Holbrooke pursued the issue in visits to Berlin and Paris, and in conversations with British officials last month. Final decisions will be taken at the London conference on Afghanistan in late January.

Holbrooke in particular believes the UN mission is ineffectual and soft on the Afghan government's alarming record of corruption. He is pushing for the appointment of a high representative for the international community, modelled in part on the post of the same name in Bosnia.

He has met resistance from European states and Canada that have more faith in the Norwegian head of the UN mission, Kai Eide.

"This is something Holbrooke is pushing but it's not set in stone yet," said a senior defence official from a country with troops on the ground. "It is a way of getting around Kai Eide but some of the allies have a lot of time for Kai. He has achieved a lot. He persuaded Karzai to hire some of his better ministers. He just goes about it in a quiet way."

A European diplomat portrayed the initiative as an attempt to restore US influence at the heart of the international co-ordination effort after Peter Galbraith, an American diplomat, was forced out of his job as the second-in-command at the UN mission in September because of a personality and policy clash with Eide.

"In a way, the idea of this is to replace Galbraith, " the diplomat said.

The Holbrooke-led campaign against Eide drew support last week from the International Crisis Group. In a report on Afghanistan's "crisis of governance" on Wednesday, the independent organisation recommended Eide's resignation "since he has lost the confidence of many on his staff and the necessary trust of many parts of the Afghan polity".

Eide's term ends in March and some European countries have suggested he could be replaced then by a "super-envoy", perhaps combining the UN post with a Nato civilian role.

The former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown was initially approached for such a job in early 2008 but his appointment was blocked by Karzai. The appointment of Ashdown or another leading British figure in such a powerful role is still seen in Kabul and some capitals as problematic because of Britain's imperial history.

Another name mentioned as a possible international high representative is the current US ambassador in Kabul, Karl Eikenberry, but he has recently clashed with the American Nato commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, over whether Washington should send more troops.

Nick Horne, a former UN official in Afghanistan who resigned at the end of October over the failure to achieve political reform, said the new international representative "would have to be someone of international stature".

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Chrome Beta for Mac Nearly Ready for Launch, But Some Features Postponed

In a report posted yesterday, TechCrunch points to a Twitter posting from Mike Pinkerton of the Chrome for Mac team noting that there were only eight bugs remaining to be addressed before the Mac beta of Chrome is ready for its launch expected for so...

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Newegg’s Cyber Monday 2009 game deals

FROM GAMERTELL - Newegg has also embraced the “Cyber Monday” moniker, basically extending the Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend deals an extra day (or so)...

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Cyber Monday 2009: GamersGate’s downloadable PC games sale (Win and Mac)

FROM GAMERTELL - Click through for a sampling of GamersGate’s Cyber Monday deals…

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Google Chrome for Mac beta will lack several features

To meet its 2009 deadline, Google is cutting features like a bookmark manager, Google Gears support, and multitouch support from the Web browser's beta Mac release.

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TMO Appearances: Jeff Gamet Joins the Denver InDesign User Group on Dec 1

The Mac Observer's own Jeff Gamet will be at the Denver InDesign User Group meeting on Tuesday, December 1, to lend his skills as game show host for the group's annual holiday event.

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Review: Gomi for iPhone

This cute and colorful iPhone game is fun, if a little bit tiresome after a while. Still, platform gamers are sure to be pleased with Gomi.

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Apple gains ‘TabletMac’ trademark

A couple of years ago, a company called Axiotron announced an aftermarket modification for the MacBook...

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Xbox Live iPhone app lets you message on the go

The $2 iPhone app is designed to let you reach out and touch your Xbox Live account from just about anywhere, as well as several of the service's tracking and messaging features.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking is Coming to the iPhone [Video]

Nuance, developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking, is bringing speech recognition to the iPhone.

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For Over 1 Million Smartphone Users with ShopSavvy, Black Friday Weekend Was Scan-Tastic

ShopSavvy, Big in Japan’s breakthrough comparison-shopping app for the iPhone and Android phones such as the Droid and Hero, scored big over Black Friday

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LogMeIn to host beta of Pro2 for Mac

<img align='left' src='' border='0' width='176' height='120' />Developer LogMeIn says it is now taking entries for a beta of Pro2 for Mac. The Pro2 option has so far been unavailable to Mac users, who must otherwise rely on the basic Free client. Both versions of LogMeIn's software let users control a remote Mac or PC system....

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Report: Stolen Belgian iPhones surfacing in Russia

A handful of reports from Russian blogs suggest that iPhones stolen from a Belgian warehouse earlier this month are surfacing in the Russian black market.

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Apple accused of NAND flash memory price manipulation

Apple has been accused by anonymous industry sources of utilizing "bully" tactics to manipulate NAND flash memory prices to the hardware maker's advantage.

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The Washington Post: Apple’s Mac’s core advantages over Microsoft’s Windows persist

Across the universe of gadget gifts, few things can inspire more angst and buyer's remorse than home computers...

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Korean iPhone launch shows high numbers

<img align='left' src='' border='0' width='176' height='120' />The launch of the iPhone in South Korea has so far proven a success, reports say. The number of pre-orders at carrier KT is believed to have to risen from 53,000 to approximately 65,000 by Saturday's release date, significant in a market where 400,000 smartphones were sold in the third quarter. At a special launch event in Seoul, hundreds of people are said to have lined up for as long as 26 hours in order to buy one of the country's first 1,000 iPhones....

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Some Holiday Advice for E-Tailers

With the 2009 holiday shopping season upon us, more retailers -- both large and small -- are investing in social technologies to mimic digitally the Mom-and-Pop feel consumers experience when they walk into their local privately owned hardware store or clothing boutique. Here are five rules that savvy online retailers already have in place heading into Nov. 30, aka Cyber Monday, the day Internet holiday shopping traditionally kicks into high gear. For those of you not yet incorporating these practices, fear not. They're easy to implement and each can help your business year-round.

Step 1: Let like-minded customers merchandise your products for you.

Since the beginning of time, the societal norm has been to trust experts -- our teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. It was the best strategy available when we could interface with only a few people at a time. The increasingly social nature of the Web has changed this dynamic. James Surowiecki reveals in his best-selling book, The Wisdom of Crowds, something that scientists have known for years: Random groups of informed people can predict outcomes far more accurately than any individual expert. Since that time, companies such as Netflix and Amazon have popularized the use of recommendation engines to identify new patterns in behavior as customers browse and purchase online.

Leveraging crowd wisdom is especially important in content -- and product-rich "long tail" sites where manual merchandising and editorializing is neither cost- nor time-effective. Long tail is the concept of selling fewer units of many different special-interest products, as opposed to selling large quantities of fewer popular products, such as the iPhone. Instead of asking a merchandiser to define the thousands of niche segments along the long tail, why not let the crowd of site visitors self-define those segments? By tapping into the wisdom of these like-minded shoppers, your customers can...

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Visitors to up 39% on Black Friday 2009 vs. 2008

comScore today reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the first 27 days...

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Update: Modul8 2.6

GarageCUBE's real-time video mixing and compositing software adds Snow Leopard support, the ability to fine-tune how compositions react to specific sounds, MDX control, support for up to four live video feeds, and much more.

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Evidence of Apple's new iPhone model, Maps application uncovered

Signs of a new iPhone hardware model being tested online and Apple's interest in updating the handset's built-in Maps application have been revealed.

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Apple moves to kill second Psystar lawsuit

Apple has asked a Florida federal judge to kill a lawsuit filed in August by Psystar, saying that the case is a retread of the one in California.

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Monday's Mac Gadget: Want to Avoid Losing Your Work?  Better Check Out ForeverSave Lite!

John F. Braun takes a look at ForeverSave Lite, an application that remembers to save your documents when you forget.

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Apple: iTunes LP and iTunes Extras for Developers

Apple's iTunes LP and iTunes Extras for Developers provides the equivalent of an SDK for using the new iTunes LP and Extras features that provide "interactive experiences created to accompany music and movies."

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Report: iTunes

Apple Lossless conversion and "-208" errors

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Update: BitVice 2.9

Innobits' MPEG2 software video encoder now includes Snow Leopard support, an option to multiplex and create a mountable ready-to-burn DVD VOB image, improved audio-video sync, and expanded audio preferences.

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Swipe Control: Control Music Playback Using Gestures

Swipe Control, an iPhone/iPod utility which allows you to control your music playback using swipes, has been added to Cydia.

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iPhone arrives in Korea with 60,000 pre-orders

Section: iPhone, Carriers, iPhone

100,000 itunes app store appsThe iPhone made its landing in Korea last week, and it brought some nice numbers, too. 60,000 phones were delivered for the initial launch of the product, with 1,000 being handed out in Seoul instead of being sent through the mail. As with here in the United States, Korea saw its fair share of people in line, too. The first person in line reportedly waited for 26 hours just to get his hands on one. KT Corp. will be carrying the iPhone in Korea and is hoping the iPhone “will be a trigger point for the smartphone market in Korea.”

With the appearance of this device in Korea, smart phones now make up 1% of the overall cellphone market in the country. The majority of these products come from Samsung and LG, so KT Corp. is excited to help kickstart the smartphone market in the area. Since the iPhone is already available is most of the Asian countries, Korea is probably happy the wait is over. While we won’t see millions of iPhones sold there as we have in the States, it is certainly nice to see it being offered in even more areas of the world on even more carriers.

Via [BusinessInsider]

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