Monday, August 31, 2009

Exploding iPhones not our fault: Apple

Apple blames cracked screens due to "external force" applied to its popular smartphone for a rash of cases of iPhones bursting into flames

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Oopsie: iPhone app wins top honors at Microsoft sponsored event

'Learn That Name,' a new iPhone app designed to help people...

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Mac Geek Gab Podcast: MGG 217: Snow Leopard Geek and Listener Reports, Questions, and More!

Snow Leopard arrived for everyone over the weekend and John and Dave go through what they found as well as sharing quite a few things all of YOU found, as well. Subscribe today and don't miss another episode!

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Google reforms Chrome for Snow Leopard

The Mac version still lags its Windows sibling, but it's getting more mature. My favorite new feature that arrived: tab-to-search.

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Facebook for iPhone 3.0: First Look video

Last week when it first updated, we related our first impressions of Facebook for iPhone 3.0. Now that's we've spent some more quality time with it over the weekend, we can confirm that the 3.0 update is huge.

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Macworld 2010 hosts variety of Snow Leopard sessions

IDG World Expo on Monday announced a wide range of Macworld 2010 conference sessions dedicated to the updated Snow Leopard operating system. The expo is set to host two full days of training related to Mac OS X, with content ranging from basic installation tips to 'power user' techniques....

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Android apps 'plagued' by low sales, odd rules

A look at one Android app's performance today suggests Google may be unintentionally stifling its smartphone OS. While a recent AdMob study estimates Android Market's paid app market is only worth $5 million, Larva Labs' Matt Hall notes that even high-profile, highly rated Android titles generate "much lower" revenue than iPhone equivalents. Despite having one sustained top-selling $5 game (Retr...

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Apple releases Mac mini, SuperDrive updates

Apple on Monday released firmware updates for the Mac mini and for certain SuperDrive-containing systems.

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Sina gives 3Q outlook below analyst estimates

Sina Corp., operator of a leading Chinese Internet portal, on Monday predicted third-quarter revenue that is lower than what analysts expect. Sina is looking for $91 million to $94 million in third-quarter revenue. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect,...

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Review: MailMe for iPhone

This app does only one thing -- it lets you send yourself an e-mail in the fewest possible steps. But MailMe handles the task very well.

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LABS GALLERY: Updated App Improves Facebook Experience on iPhone

The Facebook for iPhone app got a significant lift on Aug. 27 with the addition of landscape mode, an easier-to-use home screen and greater access to Facebook features including events, newsfeed and photos. While there are no explicitly enterprise-oriented changes in Facebook for iPhone 3.01, the improvements will likely increase the chances that IT managers will see Facebook on iPhones in corporate environments. One missing feature: The Facebook poke function can still be used only on the Web client. By Cameron Sturdevant
- ...

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Graffiti: art or eyesore?

For some it is simply an eyesore, but for others graffiti has as much worth as an old master. In Bristol, reputed home of Banksy, the street artist who has done more than any other to elevate graffiti off concrete walls and into galleries, the question is to be settled by the public.

Bristol city council is planning to let the public vote before murals on buildings, walls and fences are scrubbed clean or painted over. If citizens decide they like it, the work will remain.

The move comes as the "Banksy v Bristol Museum" exhibition in the city closedtoday having attracted more than 300,000 visitors since June. Queues for admission were up to six hours long over the Bank Holiday weekend.

As part of its formal street-art policy "to seek to define and support the display of public art", the council is pledging "where people tell us that murals or artworks make a positive contribution to the local environment, and where the property owner has raised no objection" the graffiti will not be removed.

Photographs will be posted on the council's website and the public asked to voice their opinions.

The policy was created after a Banksy work, showing a naked man hanging out of a window while his lover's partner looks for him, appeared on a council-owned building in 2005, sparking debate over whether it should be removed.

The council set up an online poll, with 93% of those voting saying they wanted to keep it.

"We have said informally that if it is street art that people like we will keep it but we want to formalise it now into a policy," said councillor Gary Hopkins, cabinet member for Environment and Community Safety.

"People want us to keep up the war against the taggers so we have had to work out a way to differentiate between the taggers and the artists".

Predictably, fine-art aficionados loathe the idea. "The two words 'graffiti' and 'art' should never be put together," said the art critic Brian Sewell. He added the council were "bonkers". "The public doesn't know good from bad."

"For this city to be guided by the opinion of people who don't know anything about art is lunacy. It doesn't matter if they [the public] like it. It will result in a proliferation of entirely random decoration, for want of a better word," he said

"Buildings of fine quality, and there are many in Bristol, will be defaced. The architecture must take primacy over whatever street artists may want to do."

Bristol city council faced embarrassment in 2007 when its workers painted over a Banksy mural estimated to be worth £100,000, causing public outrage. Since then it has ordered all Banksy work to be preserved.

"A couple of pieces of art have been scrubbed off in error, but staff now know if it is a really good piece of art work they refer it on," said Cllr Hopkins. "Street art is part of Bristol and people have complained about Banksy in the past. But I think public opinion has shifted."

He said of those the Banksy exhibition has attracted, 70% were from outside the city, "so street art has generated masses of money for Bristol".

"Some people feel threatened by tags, so we have commissioned murals to give a positive image and that does prevent graffiti. We also get the kids that have been involved in illegal tagging and get the artist to train them."

The exhibition, for which the museum paid just £1 and which was free to the public, was kept secret until the day before it opened. Featuring 100 works including his trademark stencil paintings, animatronics and installations, organisers were forced to introduce late-night openings to keep up with visitor numbers.

"It has been such an amazing experience, I can't believe how great the turnout has been," said Helen Hewitt, council spokeswoman. It has seen as many visitors in its 16-week run as the museum normally attracts in a year.

But for Sewell, the exhibition's popularity was another sign that "the art world has gone absolutely crazy".

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Briefly: Blackmagic, AssitveWare update software

In brief: With the release of Snow Leopard, developers are trying to ensure their software continues to function properly under the new architecture. In the last couple of weeks, updates with "Snow Leopard compatibility" have been pouring in. Blackmagic has released compatibility updates for its Multibridge, DeckLink, and Intensity applications, and AssitiveWare has updated five of its accessibili...

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Product News: Seagate Announces MusicSkins for FreeAgent Hard Drives

Seagate and MusicSkins announced Monday a line of music-themed MusicSkin covers specially designed for Seagate's FreeAgent Go and FreeAgent Go for Mac external hard drives. The companies are currently offering 161 different designs ranging from 10 Years to Zero Friends.

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Grand Theft Auto, Beaterator games coming to iPhone

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Beaterator are both coming to the iPhone, courtesy of Rockstar Games.

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Is AT&T losing its grip on the iPhone?

A financial analyst predicts that AT&T's exclusive deal to offer the iPhone in the U.S. could be finished within the year, which will likely mean bad news for AT&T.

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CNET News Daily Podcast: Snow Leopard changes are more than 64 bits deep

On the podcast: Wildfires encroach on technology in Los Angeles; there's more to Snow Leopard than 64 bits; new dangers discovered from CT scans; and news of the Space shuttle.

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Analyst says iPhone to go to multiple U.S. carriers in 2010

Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster looks in his crystal ball and sees the iPhone available through multiple U.S. carriers starting next summer.

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Cisco Eyes SMBs with Revamped MSP Program

Cisco eliminates NOC requirement that effectively locked out the vast majority of small to mid-sized partners from program participation.
- Cisco Tuesday officially launches its revamped Managed Services Channel Program to feature several changes that the company hopes will boost participation by its partners. The primary change to the program addresses a serious barrier to entry problem Cisco has grappled with since the programs fir...

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Apple: 'Exploding' iPhones 'not our fault'

Apple claims the latest reports of "exploding" iPhones are caused by an "external force" and not by bursting into flames due to overheating batteries.

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Iomega Unveils 2TB SMB Storage Appliance for $700

New StorCenter ix4-200d comes in 2TB, 4 TB ($900) and 8TB ($1,900) versions. In addition to NAS mode, StorCenter ix4-200d also can run as an [Apple] Time Machine and iSCSI target -- simultaneously.
- SAN FRANCISCO -- At VMworld 2009, Iomega demonstrated publicly for the first time on Aug. 31 a new four-drive, network-attached storage appliance for small businesses, remote offices and home networks. The starting price for 2 terabytes of capacity in the standalone StorCenter ix4-200d? Arou...

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Inside Apple's contract with AT&T, GTA headed to iPhone

A new report questions whether obtaining the iPhone was a good deal for AT&T; and Grand Theft Auto, one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, is coming to the iPhone this fall.

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US commander: we need new Afghanistan strategy

Anthony Cordesman, a Washington-based strategist who has been an adviser to McChrystal, in an article in the Washington Post today, said that the US would need about three to eight more brigade combat troops for Afghanistan, which would mean anything from about 7,000 to 40,000 more troops.

More troops would be politically difficult for Obama given the increasing unpopularity of the war in the US.

Cordesman also hinted at the in-fighting between US commanders and civilians based in Kabul and those in Washington. He said that McChrystal and the new US ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, could win only "if they are allowed to manage both the civil and military sides of the conflict without constant micromanagement from Washington or travelling envoys".

The latter likely refers to Obama's special envoy to the region Richard Holbrooke.

US officials and advisers involved with Afghanistan see little salvation in the recent election, especially with questions raised about its legitimacy.

New vote tallies released today showed President Hamid Karzai with a strong lead over top challenger Abdullah Abdullah. Karzai had 45.8% of votes counted, while Abdullah had 33.2%. Ballots have been counted from almost half of the country's voting stations. Karzai will need 50% of the vote to avoid a two-man runoff.

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TMO Quick Tip: What to do if the Snow Leopard Install Hangs

The Snow Leopard install process goes faster than prior versions of the OS because files are transferred from the DVD to the hard drive first.  There's a point where that process has hung for two of us at TMO.  Here's what we did.

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Games: Rockstar’s Beaterator, GTA: Chinatown Wars Headed to iPhone

Rockstar Games on Monday announced its first two iPhone games are headed to the App Store this fall: the music creation software Beaterator and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

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Read the full story here, from The Mac Observer

Special Report: Snow Leopard Security and Technology

Robert Mohns digs deep into 64-bit issues and support, along with "NX bits", OpenCL, Grand Central Dispatch and additional security details and issues.

Read the full story here, from MacInTouch

MacLife Compiles 100 Snow Leopard Tips, Tricks and Features

MacLife has compiled a list of 100 Snow Leopard Tips, Tricks, and Features for those looking to discover more about the new OS.

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Get caught up in tech with InterrupTech for August 31, 2009

FROM GADGETELL - Welcome back to InterrupTech.  Catch up on the week’s most important tech stories in a hurry.  We cover the Snow Leopard, Moto’s Android saviors, Sony’s newest eReaders, Nokia’s Booklet computer, and the continuing saga of Google Voice on the iPhone.

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10 Tips for Using Google Chrome

Sept. 1 marks the one-year anniversary of Google's Chrome Web browser. What a year it's been! Chrome, based on the open-source Webkit browser engine, has only garnered a 2.6 percent market share through July, according to Net Applications. However, the Chrome team has been revving the product through a number of releases. The browser is officially out of beta (Gmail took five years to exit beta), and Google is working hard on producing Linux and Mac versions for users. To celebrate Chrome's pending birthday, and for those of you who haven't gotten comfortable with Chrome, eWEEK walks you through some tips to making Chrome more efficient, and even enjoyable, to use. Enjoy!
- ...

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GTA: Chinatown Wars also heading to iPhone/iPod Touch

New York, NY â€" August 31, 2009 - Rockstar Games, the world-renowned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is pleased to announce that the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars from Rockstar Leeds, the winners of the 2009 Develop Award for Best Handheld Game Studio, will be making its way to [...]

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More battles ahead for iPhone in China

Apple has emerged from winding negotiations with an iPhone deal in China, but the phone will still face government pitfalls and look-alike competitors in China.

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Apple: 'Exploding' iPhones 'not out fault'

Apple claims the latest reports of "exploding" iPhones are caused by an "external force" and not by bursting into flames due to overheating batteries.

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Apple confirms Sept. 9 “rock and roll” event

Apple has confirmed plans to have a special event in San Francisco on Sep. 9th.

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Football Weekly with James Richardson

Lock up your daughters, as Football Weekly returns, with Barry Glendenning, Barney Ronay and Paolo Bandini joining James Richardson to ask whether Cristiano Ronaldo really is a Mummy's boy - and how Manchester United may yet miss out on a spot in the top four.

We look at all the weekend's action in Italy and run a careful eye over the results in Germany and France.

Finally, we explore what really happens in the corridors of power ...

As always, your thoughts are very welcome - but keep it civil, please.

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'Trainer' Get a Mac ad trumpets buyer satisfaction

Apple has begun airing its third new "Get a Mac" TV spot in under a week. Called "Trainer," the ad sees PC (John Hodgman) doing sit-ups as a personal trainer (Robert Loggia) and Mac (Justin Long) watch on. The trainer berates PC, pointing out that PC Magazine has rated Mac number one in customer support, and that PC World readers have called Mac the highest in reliability....

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How-To: Checking 32 or 64-bit Kernel Boot Mode in Snow Leopard

By default, even on fully 64-bit Macs, Snow Leopard boots into a 32 bit kernel. This is because not all kernel extensions are 64-bit ready.  This short HOW-TO explains how to tell which mode you've booted into.

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Apple to hold special media event on September 9: ‘It’s only rock and roll, but we like it’

Apple has sent out invites to select media sources for a special event to be held...

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iPhone Battery Pack With Dual SIM Adapter

USB Fever has announced an iPhone battery pack which also features a dual SIM adapter.

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The $300 challenge: The telecommuter

Ever-roaming editor Dan Moren creates a fully-loaded Mac setup fit for a telecommuter with just $300. And he doesn't skimp on the tip.

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Mugging victim uses Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ to track robbers

Using a computer to tap into the GPS function of his cell phone, a man directed...

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Snow Leopard Changes How Hard Drive Capacity is Represented

Snow Leopard has changed the method used to represent how much hard drive capacity is available on your system.

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Apple expected to offer iPhone on new U.S. carriers within a year

Apple's worldwide single-carrier exclusivity model for each nation is seen as fleeting, as a new report suggests the iPhone could be available for carriers other than AT&T in the U.S. within a year.

Read the full story here, from AppleInsider

Analyst Offers Thoughts on iPhone Success, Multi-Carrier Business Models, iTunes Video Content

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today issued a note to clients this morning offering his team's thoughts on 14 "unanswered questions" about Apple. Several of his more revealing comments relate to the iPhone, which Munster feels will see its reach...

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Report: Backup

Apple Backup

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Apple’s non-exclusive China iPhone deal a good start

Apple Inc's deal to sell the iPhone in China is seen as just the beginning of its dealmaking...

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The future is now? Augmented reality comes to the iPhone

The 99-cent Metro Paris Subway 3.0 integrates an augmented reality feature that's becoming increasing popular among iPhone apps.

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Review: Occasions for iPhone

Occasions helps you keep track of what birthdays, anniversaries, or other Big Dates are coming next, including a helpful push-notification feature.

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