Monday, June 30, 2008

Apple updates firmware for 802.11n wireless devices

Apple on Monday released an update to its 802.11n wireless AirPort products, including its wireless Time Capsule backup solution: The Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n. The update says that Firmware 7.3.2 updates include bug fixes and that it requires AirPort Utility 5.3.2. AirPort Utility 5.3.2 -- both of ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Podcast - Mac Geek Gab #158: Bad RAM, iSights, Drive Speeds, and Startup Shortcuts

Mac Geek GabBefore heading off on vacation next week, Dave joins John for an all-out Geek fest, discussing what to do about bad RAM, bad hard drives, how to find speed bottlenecks, and more. Plus, listeners share tips on iSights, batteries, finding files, and a great startup shortcuts printout
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[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

RuinediPhone petition against Rogers, alt data plans

In response to exorbitant pricing for the iPhone 3G data and voice plans suggested by Canadian wireless provider Rogers Communications, (site down as of 9PM EST) has commenced operations with changing the telco's less-than-ethical pricing practices. Since launching at the end of last week, has so far obtained just ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

AirPort Utility and Firmware updated

Apple released updates for its AirPort Utility software and Firmware fixing several bugs. [ Full story from Macworld ]

BioWare once again confirms that they are looking at all gaming platforms as an option

The focus of this MTV interview may be the iPhone, but BioWare’s co-CEO Greg Zeschuk reconfirms that BioWare is indeed interested in all platforms. “We look at every platform that comes along. Obviously, something that’s as big a cultural and technical success as the iPhone is something you really got to take a close look at. [...]
[ Full story from Go Nintendo ]

Archbishop confronts Anglican rebels

Rowan Williams challenges legitimacy and authority of breakaway faction [ Full story from Guardian Unlimited ]

Thousands of applications being readied for Apple’s iPhone

Approximately 4,000 applications are currently being developed specifically to run on Apple's iPhone... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Overclock your Mac Pro, Xserve (Intel Xeon) with simple software utility

Earlier today, released a tool that looks very promising in regard to overclocking... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Real opens DRM-free Rhapsody MP3 store as music cartels continue to collude against Apple

Real this morning opened a test version of the Rhapsody MP3 Store, its first store to go without copy protected files... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Telstra knits deal with Apple: officially announces as iPhone 3G carrier in Australia

In a statement posted on their website today, Australia's Telstra states... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

New York Times: Unlike Apple’s Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows an obese monolith built on ancient frame

Microsoft Windows has put on a lot of weight over the years.... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple’s iPhone 3G in Hong Kong just $24 a month

Even as Canada’s Rogers Communications and Germany’s T-Mobile compete to offer the worst voice and data plans... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Game Changer: EA star Young leaves to start iPhone games company

The iPhone’s remaking of the cell phone business is creating opportunities for new start-ups... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple: Airport/Time Capsule Patch

"The Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n Firmware 7.3.2 updates include bug fixes." [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Macgamestore debuts Fitness Frenzy for Mac OS X

Macgamestore has announced Fitness Frenzy, a Gogii Games release. The game places the player in the role of a fitness trainer named Vicki, who has to inspire all sorts of people to reach their personal goals. The game stresses time-management techniques with 50 different levels of play. It features characters ranging from novices to muscle-bound we... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

RIM promises "strongest second half ever"

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Brushing aside the threat of the iPhone 3G with its vastly-improved enterprise support, RIM's Jim Balsillie is saying that the second half of 2008 will be his company's "strongest second half ever," saying that there isn't a lot of overlap between the demographics targeted by the iPhone and BlackBerry line. Most of his excitement stems from the upcoming launch of the Bold, a device that easily destroys the spec sheets of every BlackBerry to come before it -- though with the Thunder in the pipe, we imagi ne he's reserving some celebratory high-fives for that one, too. The big words come on the heels of a somewhat lackluster first quarter call for the Canadian firm in which it announced that quarterly earnings expectations would be met, while simultaneously warning about some difficulties in the second quarter. If those "difficulties" have anything to do with people getting upset that John Mayer got his Bold before anyone else, well, we wouldn't be surprised in the least.

[Via mocoNews]
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Found Footage: Mac Gaming 101

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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Ashlar-Vellum offers updates, Grasshopper coming

Ahslar-Vellum is preparing updates to its line of CAD software tools and 3D-tool Grasshopper is progressing towards the Mac platform. Ashlar-Vellum has announced Graphite v8 SP1 Beta, which has new features, and it is about to release Cobalt, Xenon and Argon v8 for PowerPC-based Macs according to Architosh. Also, Grasshopper is coming to Mac OS X, ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Report: half of prospective smartphone buyers eying iPhone 3G

In a sign of "unprecedented pent-up demand" for the upcoming iPhone 3G, investment bank RBC Capital Markets says its own proprietary study has revealed that more than half of consumers who are in the market for a smartphone intend to purchase one of ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Apple releases Leopard 10.5.4 update

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Looks like the latest Leopard update, 10.5.4, just landed. Nothing big, but all the details are after the break; Mac users, you know how to snag it.

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Update: Messenger for Mac 7.0.1

Microsoft's messaging client adds improved support for users of the VoiceOver feature in Mac OS X, plus fixes for interface issues that appear when used with some European languages. [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Canadians protest iPhone plans

Thousands of Canadians are protesting the available wireless service plans for the iPhone, due to high prices and bandwidth caps on data. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Q& A: EA Vet Young Reveals iPhone Publisher Ngmoco

Apple: iPhone SDK Beta 8

This release is compatible with the final iPhone OS 2.0 release and must be used to build and sign any iPhone OS application to be submitted to the App Store. [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

iPodObserver - comScore: Internet Search for iPhone Jumps 47% in April

ComScore released a report last week that showed a dramatic jump, 47 percent, in internet search for the term iPhone in April, 2008, as word of the iPhone 3G circulated on the Internet. About 1.3 million people conducted 6.9 million searches for iPhone-related terms, a significant increase from previous months
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[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Hutchinson HK, T-Mobile, Debitel add iPhone details

Hutchison Telecom and T-Mobile on Monday announced pricing and plan information for the 3G iPhone for Hong Kong and The Netherlands, respectively, while Debitel unveiled plans for German distribution of the device. According to iLounge, Hutchison will offer the device at a price dependant on the plan chosen, of which there are four. The 8GB model w... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Rogers iPhone 3G in-store activation process gets detailed

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[Via GearDiary, thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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MacMix Promo to bring super deals for your Mac app fix

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Applications on the Mac give you this warm, fuzzy feeling when you download and unpack their .dmg (or .zip) files. "Make Your Own Mac Mix" hopes to make this feeling even better by offering deals in the form of discount tiers for buying Mac applications.

You will be able to choose between 27 "high quality" Mac applications (similar to those being offered by MacHeist). Prices will be based on the following tier system:
  • 10% off of any one app
  • 30% off any 3
  • 40% off any 5
  • 50% off any 7
  • 60% off any 9
  • 70% off any 12
Just as there are no details on specific applications, there is also no set date; but the creators are claiming this will be an amazing deal on Mac applications. This deal is set to go live this month. This deal and details will soon be made available on the MacMix Promo website.
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Science Productivity Lab opens on

As a scientist, your Mac can be a valuable asset, especially when it comes time to share your research findings with colleagues. To find out how you can use tools on your Mac to create research posters, websites, and dynamic presentations, visit the Science Productivity Lab, where you’ll find tips and tutorials created with the needs of the scientific community in mind. [ Full story from Apple Hot News ]

French iPhone release delayed slightly

Orange, the exclusive provider of the iPhone in France, has delayed the release of the iPhone in the country until July 17. [ Full story from Macworld ]

RBC: Over half of smartphone buyers want iPhone

A great proportion of current smartphone shoppers have already set their minds on the iPhone 3G, says RBC Capital Markets. The investment bank says it ran a survey of some 3,600 members of its Technology Adoption Panel in the aftermath of June 9th's 3G announcement, and found that of those planning to get a smartphone in the next 90 says, 56 perce... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Apple goes green on iPhone 3G packaging

Apple is pushing its green initiatives with the iPhone 3G's packaging, using potato-starch based products and avoiding plastics altogether. According to Italian webnews site setteB.IT, the Dutch blog Bright is reporting that PaperFoam, a paper-based packaging company that specializes in carbon friendly packaging, will supply packing materials for ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Sony patent hints game-focused iPhone rival

Sony is exploring the development of a likely game-oriented touchscreen device that may also be a communicator, according to a newly published US patent filing. A patent shows a handheld touch device that would allow both direct and gesture-based input and which would also provide force feedback across the entire display through a system known as ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Boxee marries media player to social networking

For the past six years, a group of developers scattered across the globe has been quietly working to reinvent the way we watch movies and listen to music. The result is Boxee, an Open Source media player released in alpha form this month only on the Mac platform. The developers says Boxee was born of frustration over what they saw as the somewhat c... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Three says Hong Kong iPhone plans to start at $24 per month

Hutchison Telecom, which operates the "3"- branded mobile network in Hong Kong, announced Monday that monthly service plans for Apple's iPhone 3G will start at just $24, significantly less than the cheapest plan offered stateside by AT&T. Subscri... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

iPodObserver - Analyzing iPhone 3G Location Services Legal Liabilities

Apple has taken steps in its SDK licensing agreement to make sure that developers don't violate customer privacy with some kinds of location services, according to Carl Howe at Seeking Alpha on Monday. However, that may not be the end of the story for larger developers who have already protected themselves legally and may want to seek a separate license with Apple
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iPhone 3G will need 'unbricking' when purchased?

Apple and AT&T had said the iPhone 3G would have to be activated in-store at the time of purchase, but it looks like store employees will actually need to "unbrick" the phones. [ Full story from CNET ]

AT&T details iPhone activations, 3G optimizations

Leaked memos are continuing to expand on AT&T's plans for the iPhone 3G, a new report indicates. Retail stores are, for instance, said to be having a new desktop shortcut pushed to their computers, "for the iTunes utility that will be used for unbricking iPhone 3G devices during the activation process." Workers are being told not to use the softw... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Companies Form Alliance for Macs in the Enterprise

Atempo, Centrify, Group Logic, LANrev and Parallels announced on Monday that they have banded together to help facilitate the acceptance of the Mac in the enterprise business world. The Enterprise Desktop Alliance will offer solutions that make it easier to deploy Macs in a Windows-dominated work environment, and will also offer information that helps validate the Mac in the workplace
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Enterprise Desktop Alliance aims to help Macs in IT

Integrating Macs into PC-based networks has always faced uphill battles from IT professionals who look at the Macs as a foreign system. A group of enterprise software companies have formed the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA), with the goal of making Mac integration easier for the IT professionals running enterprise networks. The five companies, A... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

iPodObserver - Data caps, no MMS for iPhone 3G in Norway

Despite rumors that Apple's iPhone 3G will get MMS, or multimedia message support, it looks like that won't be the case in at least Norway. The lack of MMS also comes with surprisingly low data caps
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[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

iAntiVirus launches for Mac

iAntiVirus is a new anti-malware software app for Mac OS X. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Mac Gaming News - Blizzard announces Diablo III for Mac and PC

Diablo IIIBlizzard introduced Diablo III, the next iteration of the popular fantasy game series, during its Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational in France over the weekend. The game will feature a more immersive environment, enhanced physics, and will be released simultaneously for...
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Telstra joins ranks of Australian iPhone carriers

Telstra has confirmed earlier reports and announced sales of the iPhone 3G, according to the Australian carrier's website. The phone will take advantage of Telstra's Next G broadband network, which has the broadest coverage in the country in part due to support for the 850MHz band; the company has otherwise announced very few details, with custome... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Sun offers Web 2.0 widgets for JavaScript developers

By using zembly and a Web browser, Sun says developers can make and host applications for Facebook, Meebo, OpenSocial and the iphone. Find out who the early adopters are [ Full story from IT World Canada: Daily IT NewsWire ]

AT&T memos detail iPhone 3G unbricking tool, crowd planning, more...

A recent series of internal memos from AT&T to its Mobility staffers reveal a variety of preparatory measures ahead of next month's iPhone launch, including the deployment of an iPhone 3G unbricking tool, ongoing 3G network optimizations, regional ad... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Can Verizon V Cast take on iTunes?

Verizon Wireless has updated its V Cast music service with DRM-free music and a new subscription service, but it likely won't be enough to make a dent in Apple's digital music dominance. [ Full story from CNET ]

TMO Announcement - The Mac Observer Promotes Jeff Gamet to Managing Editor

I am very pleased to announce that has been promoted to Managing Editor for The Mac Observer. Jeff has been our Morning Editor since the Fall of 2005, and has...
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iPO iPO Quick Tip - Cutting iPhone Speaker Buzz

Many cell phones, including Apple's iPhone, can make your speakers emit a really annoying buzz if they get too close together. Luckily, there are alternatives beyond leaving your iPhone in a different room, and the fix I went for cost less than US$10
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Bill Gates, iPhone 2.0, mini laptops and much more...

Bill Gates, iPhone 2.0, mini laptops and much more...Photos of the month – June 2008

[ Full story from : News ]

Analyst: Intel Atom inside iPhone in 2010

Flight from Arm forecast

When a European Intel executive was recently said to have claimed future iPhones will use the chip giant's Atom processor, the company quickly stated the fellow alleged no such thing. But now someone else has made that very claim.…

[ Full story from Reg Hardware: Product News and Gadget Reviews from The Register - iPod ]

Sunday, June 29, 2008

iPhone generates 7m US searches in April

Helped by the hype of iPhone 2.0 platform and a buzz over the pending iPhone 3G announcement, the iPhone generated huge traffic for internet search engines in April. ComScore, which provides market research for advertisers, says 1.3 million Americans conducted 6.9 million iPhone-related searches in April. The word ìiPhoneî was the most popular ter... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Can Verizon VCast take on iTunes?

Verizon Wireless has updated its VCast music service with DRM-free music and a new subscription service, but it likely won't be enough to make a dent in Apple's digital music dominance. [ Full story from CNET ]

Been itching to overclock your Mac Pro? No problem.

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[Via Computerworld]
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MobileMe and personal domains

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According to Apple Support documents, personal domains will be kept intact with MobileMe. Blogger Sean Sperte noticed a "personal domain" option while watching the MobileMe quick tour. That prompted some investigation which led to this support document. Sure enough, it confirms that .Mac personal domains will remain untouched by the change:

"...If you have a personal domain setup for your iWeb site, it will continue to work without changing any settings at your registrar."

Thank s, Apple!

[Via Geek&Mild]
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Blizzard announces Diablo III for Mac

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Blizzard has always been a (the?) Mac-friendly game developer and they have now officially announced the forthcoming release of Diablo III. Nearly a decade after the last installment of the popular action-RPG, Blizzard plans a simultaneous release for Mac and PC (just like StarCraft II).

As of yet the details, including release date and system requirements, are sketchy. However, the game will run a custom 3D graphics engine and return players to familiar territory and stories from Diablo II. I really think Blizzard deserves a hand for their commitment to bri nging such A-list titles to the Mac day and date with the PC versions.

[via MacNN]
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Canadian iPhone: Consumer Revolt against Rogers tariffs

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When Rogers/Fido announced the iPhone voice/data plans a few days ago, the proposed rates were not received warmly. Over ten thousand people are letting their eDispleasure be heard on the "Rogers iPhone3G == Ruined" protest website.

Canadian petitioners are unhappy with the high plan rates and the lack of affordable data. The site offers a list of Rogers/Fido contacts and suggests consumers take action, sending an email or letter, or calling.

The petition itself is full of impassioned feedback, suggesting that Rogers is killing a potential new market by exploiting demand with subpar overpriced service.

Are you Canadian? Let us know what you think of the the data rates in the comments.

Thanks, heath

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TUAW Review: Dymo DiscPainter

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Dymo DiscPainterI have a mountain of CDs and DVDs in my office. Some of them are in sleeves, others are stacked on spindles. For the most part, my disc labeling consists of grabbing a Sharpie ultra-fine-point marker and scrawling something right on the top of the disc. I've tried sticky labels before, but stopped after I had a few CDs that wouldn't come out of my iMac's SuperDrive slot.

Dymo, the labeling company, is now shipping the DiscPainter. It's a single-duty printer designed for one thing; printing directly onto inkjet-printable CD and DVD media.

Size, Installation, and Setup

The first thing that hit me when I opened the DiscPainter box was how big it is. Given that it is a single-tasker, it takes up a lot of room on a desktop (roughly 5.75" x 10"). For those with limited space available, this may be a reason not to buy the DiscPainter.

Following the included Quick Start Guide (yes, I RTFM), I removed the usual tape and plastic cruft encasing the DiscPainter, popped in the single ink cartridge, and connected the power cable. The initial user experience is excellent.

Read on for the full review

[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Navizon's Mobfindr gets your phone to text home

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Fiddlesticks, did you just leave your precious iPhone in the bathroom of that gas station back there? Why yes, we're pretty sure you did! If you're looking to verify that with a little more certainty, though, Navizon has just the answer. The company -- already no stranger to positioning apps for the iPhone -- has released its "Mobfindr" feature which allows you to text a key phrase to your beloved companion and have it reply with its current location. Great for finding a lost or recently-stolen phone, tracking children, or perhaps for tracking man's best friend should you decide to strap an iPhone to him in lieu of a Garmin DC 30. The feature's currently available exclusively for the iPhone, but Navizon expects BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and S60 versions in the near futu re. Follow the break for a look at Mobfindr getting its track on.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Overclocking Tool for the Mac Pro [Updated] has posted a new tool called ZDNet Clock Tool 1.0 for Mac Pro which allows you to overclock your Mac Pro. The process of overclocking uses software to increase your computer's processor speed and bus speed, potentially leading to higher per... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

Synchrotech upgrades USB-to-ExpressCard adapter

Synchrotech has announced the MicroU2E-MV USB to ExpressCard adapter, which allows ExpressCards with voltages of both 1.5V and 3.3V to connect to a USB port. The adapter can accept both ExpressCard 34 and 54 sizes and is cross-platform, bringing ExpressCard connectivity to Mac (and PC) laptops lacking ExpressCard slots. The adapter, which is limite... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

In-Person: Diablo 3's Unveiling In Paris

It's just before lunch in Paris, and city of lights has been invaded by hordes of Blizzard fans, eagerly flowing into the Porte de Versailles Exposition Center. They've come from across Europe to the Worldwide Invitational, and during the opening ceremonies, they witness an announcement that the billion-dollar-a-year developer will be releasing a new PC and Mac title, Diablo 3. Organizers told Gamasutra that 11,000 people were attending the consumer event, including hundreds of press ...

[ Full story from Gamasutra News ]

Apple and China Mobile 3G iPhone talks on track

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Back at WWDC as Steve Jobs ran down the list of carrier agreements for the 3G iPhone one country in particular was conspicuous in its absence. Now Reuters is reporting that one of the biggest obstacles to bringing the iPhone to China has been overcome. A China Mobile spokeswoman told Reuters that "Apple is no longer insisting on a revenue-sharing policy, so the biggest hurdle for China Mobile to bring in the iPhone has been cleared, but there are practical issues still to be resolved."

Apparently the shift towards carrier subsidies, as has happened even with original part ner AT&T, facilitated this move as it has basically brought the iPhone into line with other smartphones. Even at WWDC Jobs was confident that the iPhone would arrive in China (and Russia) before the end of the year, and this latest announcement from China Mobile seems clearly to suggest that the iPhone will soon officially be set to conquer the world's largest mobile phone market, well beyond the gray market for the first iPhone.
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4iPhone hosted Exchange for iPhone

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4SmartPhone is getting ready to launch 4iPhone, a hosted Microsoft Exchange server for small businesses and individuals. It basically offers access to the Exchange based Enterprise features of the 3G iPhone including ActiveSync and DirectPush of email, contacts, etc. to users who don't have an Exchange server. 4SmartPhone already offers this for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices for $11-$16 a month and pre-registration for 4iPhone is available now, though prices have not been announced.

Frankly, I suspect most individua ls would be better off just using Apple's forthcoming MobileMe service. But for small businesses who want to equip their employees with iPhones, but don't want to incur the upfront expense of running an Exchange Server themselves, something like 4iPhone is probably worth a look.

[via jkOnTheRun]
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Norway carrier says no MMS for iPhone 3G

NetCom, the iPhone 3G carrier in Norway has published its iPhone 3G plans, confirming that the 3G version will lack MMS, just as the original version did. The news, first reported by Italian website setteB.IT (English translation here), means that MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service), which provides media rich text messaging, including video, audio ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

ZDNet offers Mac Pro Overclocking software

ZDNet has announced what it says is the first tool for overclocking the Mac Pro. Windows options for overclocking are prevalent, but none have been available for the Mac Pro, according to ZDNet. It claims that the new software, called ZDNet Clock, is capable of speed increases of 15 to 20 percent, and most computers with 2.8GHz chips should be ab... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Canucks rage at Rogers over greatly insane iPhone 3G data and voice plan prices

Rogers Communications Inc, owner of Canada's biggest wireless carrier, announced pricing plans on Friday for Apple's iPhone 3G... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple iTunes Store’s ‘Complete My Album’ is a marketing tool

In the past few months, labels and artists have begun releasing multiple tracks in advance of an album's... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Third-party tool allows Mac Pro overclocking

In a rare example of the PC's performance tuning culture translating to the Mac, a new utility has surfaced that lets Mac Pro owners overclock their systems beyond Apple's official specifications. The German edition of ZDNet has posted a utility d... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Zimbabwe: Voters hope for peace as count begins

People forced to vote by 'dictatorship desperate for the illusion of legitimacy' [ Full story from Guardian Unlimited ]

Voters hope ink-stained finger will keep them alive

Zimbabweans forced to vote by 'dictatorship desperate for the illusion of legitimacy' [ Full story from Guardian Unlimited ]

Friday, June 27, 2008

Canadian iPhone 3G plans lack unlimited data

With limited data use and fewer anytime minutes, the Rogers service plans for the iPhone 3G won't get you much. [ Full story from CNET ]

Apple's Complete My Album emerges as marketing tool

DENVER (Billboard) - Releasing a single for digital download before an album's debut is about as standard these days as making it available to radio. [ Full story from Reuters: Internet News ]

Apple: Pro Applications Update 2008-02

"...addresses installation issues, compatibility updates, and general performance issues and improves overall stability." [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Update: SilverFast 6.6

LaserSoft Imaging announced that its scanner software now fully supports Leopard and extends support for Nikon film scanners. [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Update: Leopard Cache Cleaner 4.0.11

Northern Softworks' maintenance and customization utility adds the ability to repair Home folder ACLs, deletion of Flash Player caches (Clean Internet Caches), the ability to reset the FileVault Master Password, and other improvements. [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Ink-stained finger voters hope will keep them alive

Zimbabweans forced to vote by 'dictatorship desperate for the illusion of legitimacy' [ Full story from Guardian Unlimited ]

Apple: Final Cut Server Update 1.1

"...addresses issues with the check in/check out process for Final Cut Pro projects, fixes issues with double-byte character sets, and improves the general reliability of the software." [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

O2 to open early, may unlock iPhone 3G after one year

British carrier O2 plans a prompt morning launch for the iPhone 3G, AppleInsider has learned, and hints that it may unlock the iPhone for use on any carrier for Pay As You Go customers. Appearing to confirm some recent rumors senior O2 retail sour... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Apple releases eighth beta version of iPhone SDK

Apple has released the eighth beta version of the iPhone SDK... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Rogers defends iPhone data: 'better than some'

Rogers Wireless is justified in its limited data plans as many other iPhone-carrying nations are doing the same or are more restrictive, a company spokeswoman tells Electronista. The Canadian company argues that a "majority" of international iPhone carriers have capped data and believes its plan to be better than these, citing as example Orange Fr... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

StrangeCharm - Particle Debris and Fingernails (Week of June 23)

While I typically comment on the interesting news items that didn't quite make the headlines each week, I have to start with a comment about the iPhone and women's fingernails story from Tuesday over at iPO. I asked my wife about it all and sought an analog that seems to work. Are you ready guys
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[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]