Saturday, May 31, 2008

BlackBerry, Palm take iPhone marketshare

The iPhone's marketshare took a significant drop in marketshare over the first three months of 2008, says new research data from IDC. The handset dropped from its strong fourth quarter share of an estimated 26.7 percent to a significantly lower 19.2 percent for the first calendar quarter of 2008. Analysts at IDC don't specifically attribute the s... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Microsoft urges Windows users to shut down Safari

Microsoft is warning Windows users to avoid Apple.'s Safari Web browser until a patch is available for holes that could let attackers compromise computers.

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Mac users don't like people touching their stuff

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Over at Cognitive Daily (part of the ScienceBlogs network), as part of a larger informal survey, Dave Munger contends that Mac users are less likely to let friends try out their new gadgets than users of other platforms.

Munger noted, "in this context, the fact that Mac users (and 'other' -- mostly Linux users) are so dramatically more stingy with their new gadgets is truly a striking finding, even acknowledging the fact that our readers may not be representative of the public at large."

Now, I know we're all one, big happy family here at TUAW, and playing well with others is second only to "intelligent, thoughtful discourse." But really? Not sharing your toys? That I just can't see.

For your weekend amusement, I'm going to take matters into my own hands, and see how our readers fare given the same questions as Munger's survey.

The survey, and results, after the jump.

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iPhoneBrowser: browse your iPhone's file system

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Prototype iControlPad proves itself on video

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Microsoft advises Windows users to restrict use of Apple’s Safari web browser

Microsoft has issued a "Microsoft Security Advisory (953818), 'Blended Threat from Combined Attack Using Apple’s Safari on the Windows Platform,'" that states... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Infineon unveils HSPA chips ideal for 2009 iPhone

Infineon on Friday introduced a 3G chipset that should provide much faster Internet performance with the iPhone next year. A combination of the XMM 6180 app processor and an X-GOLD 618 baseband for the connection itself, the chipset is one of the first from Infineon to support the full HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) spec for 3G cellular data. In... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Google's Android demo shows app store, tweaks iPhone formulas

Attendees at Google's I/O Conference this week were greeted with an Android phone interface that shares yet more common ground with the iPhone from the company's close neighbor Apple, including the first evidence of a dedicated app store. The sear... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Niski-Ki's $155 handmade USB keyboard comes with extra "$" symbols

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[Via BoingBoing]
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hutchison / 3 snags iPhone for Hong Kong and Macau

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Looks like Hutchison (aka 3) snagged the iPhone for distribution in Hong Kong and Macau, which will be coming "later this year." Like the rest, this was another one liner un-announcement with no real info, but you probably wouldn't want to anger Steve before WWDC. Besides, in Hong Kong 3 doesn't sell anything but 3G phones -- so put that in your iPipe and smoke it.

[Thanks, Chris and Joe]
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Broadcom to supply GPS in Apple’s next-gen iPhone?

The new iPhone has Global Positioning System (GPS) built into it, thanks to legal requirements put in place by the FCC... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Does Apple’s next-gen iPhone need GPS?

If there's anything the iPhone has lacked compared with other phones in its class... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple does the impossible: millions of new iPhones already positioned in market, but no photos exist

The launch of the next-generation iPhone promises to be Steve Jobs' greatest stunt yet... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple takes top spot from Nokia on AMR Research’s 2008 Supply Chain Top 25 list

AMR Research has released its Supply Chain Top 25 report, an annual ranking highlighting companies that display superior supply chain performance... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

MaxUpgrades hardware RAID for Mac Pro

MaxUpgrades on Friday unveiled the MaxConnect SAS/SATA Link for Mac Pro, a new PCI Express-based RAID solution that uses the existing internal drives on quad- and eight-core Mac Pro systems. The card connects to the internal drives, allowing users to use several RAID configurations, including 0, 1, 5, and 6. In addition, the device offers full HBA ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Tidbits: retail blackout days; 3G iPhone ad filming; iPhone GPS

Apple has started to spread word of its own retail vacation blackout days. Meanwhile, the company's filming in Manhattan on Thursday was likely linked to one in Los Angeles a week earlier; the GPS chip inside the 3G iPhone has been paired with a supp... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Android to offer Application Store in the future

Google might offer an application store--similar to one for the iPhone--for its Android mobile operating system sometime in the near future. [ Full story from CNET ]

iPhone will shake up Canada, analysts say

The introduction of the iPhone in Canada will fuel increased interest in wireless services in that nation, industry analysts say. [ Full story from Macworld ]

How would you change LG's Vu?

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With all this hubbub floating around about the elusive 3G iPhone, let us not forget about the latest touchscreen smartphone to land at AT&T: LG's Vu. After getting official earlier this month, we were able to sit down with the Mobile TV-supporting handset and form a few opinions of our own. Here, however, we're interested in your take -- do you feel the $549.99 (or $299.99 on contract) price tag is reasonable for what you get? Are you pleased with the hardware / software? Are you feeling buyer's remorse like never before? Go on and spill it, we're all friends here.
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Photos: iPhone-friendly video specs hit O2 shops

The next big thing? Or pure Nathan Barley?

[ Full story from : News ]

Calories helps Mac users track nutrition

Calories is a new app that helps Mac users track calories and nutrients. [ Full story from Macworld ]

TurboGrafx-16 emulation hits the iPhone

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Microsoft expecting 50 percent growth annually for Windows Mobile

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Brushing aside threats from Android, the impending 3G iPhone juggernaut, and all other comers, Microsoft's managing director of embedded devices for the Asian region says that the company fully expects Windows Mobile to do double-digit volume growth in both 2008 and 2009. Oh, but wait -- not just double digit growth, but a full 50 percent is being tossed around as a minimum. Them's fightin' words, and though much of that growth is said to be coming from the US and Europe, more is being seen in emerging markets like Brazil an d India where the platform is less likely to be stealing market share from its competitors as it cashes in. If all goes according to Microsoft's plan, 20 million WinMo-equipped units will have been sold in the fiscal year ending next month, so any way you slice it, they're projecting some serious numbers as we round out the decade.
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Keynote Pro revises Palo Alto, adds iPhone template

Keynote Pro on Friday unveiled an updated theme, Palo Alto '08, offering users a standard 4:3 ratio, and a professional version which comes in high-definition widescreen formats. Palo Alto borrows its style from that of the San Francisco Bay area, while still maintaining a technical edge to its look. Also included is an iPhone-optimized EP version,... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

iPhone market share at 19 percent in 1Q, IDC says

Apple Inc.'s iPhone, a new model of which is widely expected this summer, took 19.2 percent of the U.S. market for "smart" phones in the first quarter of 2008, according to research firm IDC's vendor survey. That was down from 26.7 percent of smart phones... [ Full story from SFGate: Business & Technology ]

Newer Technology eSATA Extender Cable

If you're looking to add eSATA ports to your Mac Pro, Newer Technology offers an inexpensive approach, though it's one that requires a bit of work. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Eee Box leak: "finally" a Mac mini rival

ASUS' Eee Box (alternately labeled the EBOX) is the first system to truly meet the design standards of the Mac mini, Anandtech claims after receiving a sample of the desktop ahead of its projected June 3rd unveiling date. The site confirms that the system uses a 1.6GHz Atom and that this is instrumental to a small design: while helped by the lack ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Mac Gaming News - Macgamestore Unveils Cooking Academy for the Mac

Cooking announced the immediate availability of Cooking Academy for the Mac on Friday. The game puts players in the culinary schools where work towards becoming a Master Chef
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

iPodObserver - Hutchinson Deal Brings iPhone to Macao, China

Hutchinson Telecommunications has signed a deal to bring the iPhone to the city of Macao in China, according to the South China Mobile Post on Friday
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

New: MaxConnect SAS/ SATA Link

MaxUpgrades introduced MaxConnect SAS/ SATA Link, a product designed to connect four internal disk drive bays of a Mac Pro (4-core and 8-core models) to a PCI Express SAS or SATA controller (not included). [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

GPS in 3G iPhone coming through Broadcom?

A GPS receiver will indeed be in the 3G iPhone, and the technology will be supplied by Broadcom, according to anonymous sources. Contacts cited by GigaOM say that Broadcom has secured a contract with Apple, beating out older, more established competitors such as SiRF, whose SiRFstar III receivers are used in a vast number of navigation devices. B... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

.Mac name change confirmed?

Earlier reports of .Mac receiving a major makeover appear to be all but confirmed, as developers and enthusiasts find proof of a .Mac name change to Mobile Me. The Coding Robots blog reveals that the new iPhone SDK also contains information specific to the .Mac restructuring. Deep in the SDK, in a file entitled "Main.strings", a definition at the b... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

AT&T's pre-iPhone 3G upgrades double speed

AT&T's 3G upgrade plan is making its way through New York City and is more than delivering on advertised speed claims, according to reports circulating at BGR. After a series of rolling outages on Thursday, the carrier's HSPA network speed has now jumped from an average peak of 800Kbps to as much as 1.5Mbps, or slightly more than the 1.4Mbps promi... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Take Control Unveils New .Mac Ebook

Take Control and TidBITS announced the immediate availability of Take Control of .Mac on Friday. The ebook by Joe Kissell covers the features in Apple's online service for beginner and expert users alike
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Hot Forum Topic - How Well Does iWork Hold Up Against MS Office?

Today TMO readers are taking a look at Apple's "business" apps -- Keynote, Pages and Numbers -- and discussing just how viable they are as Microsoft Office alternatives
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Apple's .Mac Service to be Renamed, Revamped? [MobileMe?]

Apple's .Mac ("dotmac") service is a $99/year set of online tools that provides customers with email (@mac), web hosting, iDisk, backup and sync services. .Mac services are tightly integrated with Apple's existing iLife suite, allowing you to publis... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

Android to get iPhone-style app store

Phones running Google's Android operating system may have a dedicated app store, team lead Andy Rubin has mentioned at the company's I/O Conference. The official doesn't directly claim the existence of the option but says that it would be a "great benefit" for Android users to have a controlled marketplace for downloading apps, as the service woul... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

iPodObserver - Forbes: Second Gen iPhone Already in the US

Not a single person on the inside has been willing to offer tangible details on Apple's second generation iPhone, but if Forbes is correct, it is already hiding inside the United States. Apparently the Cupertino company has been sneaking the new model into the country by the millions
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Apple's .Mac Service to be Renamed, Revamped?

Apple's .Mac ("dotmac") service is a $99/year set of online tools that provides customers with email (@mac), web hosting, iDisk, backup and sync services. .Mac services are tightly integrated with Apple's existing iLife suite, allowing you to publis... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

Apple may re-brand .Mac internet service

Apple's .Mac online subscription service, often criticized for its lack of truly compelling features and steep prices to boot, could soon get a face lift and re-branding, findings in some of the company's latest software releases seem to suggest. ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Video: A day with Operation Leopard

The Guardian spends a day with Operation Leopard officers to find out who they are stopping and how well the initative works [ Full story from Guardian Unlimited ]

Linux cluster stuffed in an Ikea filing cabinet

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Apple to launch UK movie downloads

Major studios signed up, claim sources

Apple is rumoured to be on the cusp of launching a UK movie downloads service through iTunes.…

[ Full story from Reg Hardware: Product News and Gadget Reviews from The Register - Mac ]

Once, 'international' sounded saintly. Now it means bureaucracy and waste

Comment is free: Simon Jenkins: From Eurovision and the Olympics to the UN and the World Bank, a deficit of accountability drains all true legitimacy [ Full story from Guardian Unlimited ]

Qwerty vs touch, WFH, iPhone 2.0, Segway madness

Stories of the month - May 2008

[ Full story from : News ]

The iPhone patent: Steven P. Jobs, inventor

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[Via Cellpassion]

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

iPodObserver - Unnamed Media Exec: Apple's Not So Hard to Work With

Apple's consistent record of being a difficult partner to work with is undeserved, according to an anonymous media company executive quoted by Reuters. In a story looking at Apple's iTunes pricing policies, this exec told Reuters, "The conversations I've had with them over the last quarter are markedly different than they were a year or two ago," and that, "Apple is much more flexible than people presume."
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Apple spotted filming commercial at Fifth Avenue store

Confirming suspicions raised by Apple's own website, observers have witnessed the company filming a commercial inside its Fifth Avenue retail store, with clues surfacing as to just what products may be involved. Those liveblogging the proceedings ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

RapidWeaver 4 ships

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Realmac has released RapidWeaver 4, the latest version of their popular template-based web site design software. As former TUAWer Nik mentioned on our last talkcast, the new version represents a substantial upgrade.

In addition to an overhauled interface the release incorporates Leopard-only features like Core Animation and Quick Look for its new XML file format. There are also iPhone specific features like the creation of the WebClip icons for the iPhone's home screen.

RapidWeaver 4 is regul arly $79, but is available for a limited time at $59. For registered users of version 3.6 the upgrade is free; it is $30 to upgrade from 3.5 and earlier.
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Apple running student promotion on Monday?

If you're a student or an educator, it might be wiser to wait until next week if you were thinking about buying a new Mac. [ Full story from CNET ]

QuarkXPress 8: Sleek Interface, Better Typography

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QuarkXPress 8Quark Inc. announced QuarkXPress 8 at the Drupa printing exhibition in Düsseldorf today, the latest version of the high-end design tool for Mac and Windows. Many of the changes to QuarkXPress are in the areas of user interface and workflow, which were criticized by many users after the long-delayed release of QuarkXPress 7.

Some of the interface enhancements include:
  • A picture content tool for moving, rotating, and scaling images in real-time
  • New Bézier Pen Tools
  • An enhanced measurements palette with new controls for modifying drop-shadows
  • Drag-and-drop from the desktop, Adobe Bridge, iPhoto, MIcrosoft Word, and the hundreds of other applications that support drag-and-drop
  • Instant access to master pages and exports to PDF, SWF, HTML and EPS
QuarkXPress 8 offers improved typographical controls for designers, including hanging characters with multiple presets. There's also built-in support for Flash content creation, which formerly required the purchase of Quark Interactive Designer

Quark also noted that designers who purchase QuarkXPress 7 at regular price between today and August 1, 2008 and those who purchased QuarkXPress 7 or an upgrade between May 1 and today will receive the upgrade for free. The package is expected to ship within 60 days, and no final pricing has been announced.

Thanks to Ling for the tip!

Update: Jay Nelson has a huge writeup of QXP8's features at Planet Quark.
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Apple, other US firms back US complaint with WTO against EU tariffs on tech product

The United States filed a complaint Wednesday with the World Trade Organization over European tariffs on three categories of high-tech goods... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple releases Server Admin Tools 10.5.3

Apple has released Server Admin Tools 10.5.3 which contain remote administration tools, documentation, and utilities... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

TV programs from top French networks, hit US shows now available on Apple’s iTunes Store in France

Apple today announced that hit television programming from France’s top networks including... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Multi-Touchâ„¢ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

Multi-Touchâ„¢ is a trademark of Apple, Inc... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Hollywood studios ink deals to sell and rent movies via Apple’s iTunes Store in UK, Canada

Apple is poised to announce it will start selling films from four major Hollywood studios for download... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Sharing your clipboard

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Web Worker Daily's got a nice little roundup of apps that allow you to share your clipboard between multiple computers. There's tools for Windows, Mac and -- most useful -- cross-platform.

Also, as a user points out in the comments for the post, there's, a web-based tool that lets you cut-and-paste and share text, files, images and URLs. It's even iPhone ready, which is nice, considering nobody s eems to want to put an actual clipboard on the darn thing.

These are all cool tools...but personally, if I need to copy text from one machine to another, I just email it to myself. How about you? Got any other easy tips for moving content across machines?

[via Lifehacker]
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iPhone's Raging Thunder: the Developer Interview

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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Solar iPhone? Probably not

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TUAW reader Maaz sent in this link to a Forbes story about a possible solar-powered iPhone. We recently posted about Apple's new Solar Energy patent so it's not a big jump to start seeing articles speculating on how that new technology will be used and expressed in Apple's product line.

I have nothing against solar power--the Sun is the source of most of the Earth's human-usable energy but I'm not sure that the iPhone is a particularly good match to solar refueling.

As the Forbes article points out, the iPhone is small and is built to radiate light from a large part of its surface, not collect it. Unlike low-powered calculators, the iPhone is a pretty power-hungry device and is going to get hungrier if the (likely) move to 3G occurs. And what the Forbes article does not point out and should be highlighted is that for the most part, iPhones live in our pants, which isn't a very sunny place (for most people).

So do the math. Small surface pants-based existence means a Solar-powered iPhone is not very likely to debut.

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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Apple Store Fifth Avenue to close temporarily this Thursday afternoon - Friday morning

The 24-hour Fifth Avenue (NYC) retail store will close its door on Thursday afternoon, and then re-open early Friday morning... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

TeamViewer remote support tool now available for Mac OS X

TeamViewer GmbH today released the live version of its TeamViewer remote maintenance program for Mac... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Freddie No Fan Of Interest Rate Rise

Freddie Mac said that long-term mortgage rates are up this week and worries about the Fed raising short-term rates are to blame. [ Full story from News ]

Glide OS 3.0 adds 'One' sync system

TransMedia has debuted v3.0 of Glide OS, its web-based operating system. Because it functions online it is compatible with platforms including Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Solaris, and is available in 18 different languages, incluiding English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Apps in the OS include presentation, spreadsheet and word processor softw... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Corkboard Mac gives push-pins new purpose

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[Thanks, Steven]
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Calories 1.0 gauges meal worth

NSObjects has released Calories 1.0, a new dietary program. Calories tracks your caloric intake meal-to-meal, using a database of over 6,900 food types, and 44 nutrient types. The interface combines a food database with caloric readout, and is visually reminiscent of Appleís Mail display. Calories focuses on daily tracking of meals and snacks, with... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

iPodObserver - Nova Media Updates FoneLink Mac-Cell Phone Bridge

Nova Media announced Thursday FoneLink 2.0, a new version of the company's cell phone-to-Mac bridge. The software has been completely rewritten, has a new interface, includes a Bluetooth setup assistant, and has a built-in SMS text messaging manager. It also offers Entourage, Address Book and iCal synching support to many phones not otherwise directly supported by Mac OS X
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Apps: Scorecard, Keyboard Maestro

Scorecard 1.3 ($30) golf scorecard and statistics application for Mac OS X. Offers comprehensive statistics, helping users discover trends and explore aspects of their gameplay that might otherwise go unnoticed. Scorecard 1.3 gives golfers further insight into their problems areas with the new Best vs Worst statistics. Best vs Worst presents a com... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Pinch Media nets investors, unveils iPhone dev app

Pinch Media on Thursday received an undisclosed amount of funds from a conglomerate of investors to help the New York-based startup develop free tools for iPhone developers. Silicon Alley Insider writes that the investment came from Union Square Ventures, First Round Capital, and Sharkey Goldstein Capital, with private financial strategists Dave Mo... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Google shows off Android, downplays iPhone similarity

Google's eye-catching demonstration of an early Android-enabled mobile phone Wednesday appeared to mimic Apple's iPhone. [ Full story from Macworld ]

RapidWeaver 4.0 features new interface

RapidWeaver 4.0 is a major new release of Realmac Software's Web design software for Mac OS X, now with an overhauled user interface and many new features. [ Full story from Macworld ]

MaxConnect hooks up 4 Mac Pro drives to SATA/SAS

The MaxConnect SAS/SATA Link lets you hook up the Mac Pro's four internal drives (or four more drives) to an internal PCI Express-based SATA or SAS host controller card. [ Full story from Macworld ]

iPodObserver - iTunes France Turns on the TV

Apple's iTunes Store in France joined the U.S. and U.K. on Thursday when it added TV shows to its online offerings on Thursday. French customers now have access to programming from TF1, France TŽlŽvisions, Arte, Mediatoon's Dargaud TV, and Dupuis TV along with content from Walt Disney and MTV Networks
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Another Wii-Like Controller Patent For Distinguishing Infrared Light Sources

Apple has applied for yet another patent for a Wii-like controller device, this time for a remote control that can distinguish infrared light sources. Via hrmph:

The present invention can include remote co... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

Apple, Canon, Toshiba favorites in Japan

Apple is on par with Canon and Toshiba as one of the most highly regarded brands in Japan, according to a new study published by Gfk. Surveys of more than 40,000 Japanese people gives the American company equal footing with the other electronics makers despite Japan's historical preference for native brands. The company's industrial design and su... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Report: iPhoto Books

Apple rejects nude photos [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Report: Leopard Server

"dirty little secret" [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Report: 10.5.3 Update

more tips and experiences with Apple's latest Leopard patches... [08:40 EDT] [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Apple launches TV programming on iTunes Store France

Apple announced Thursday that hit television programming from France's top networks including TF1, France Télévisions, Arte, Mediatoon's Dargaud TV and Dupuis TV, along with hit US shows from The Walt Disney Company and MTV Networks is now available ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

iPhone vs. HTC Touch Diamond vs. Xperia X1... Fight!

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[Via WMExperts, thanks Al]
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apple Cures iCal Ills

Apple has patched bugs in its iCal calendar application a week after security researched disclosed them....
[ Full story from eWEEK Technology News ]

Microsoft unveils move from mouse to touch-screen / Windows 7 operating system will have iPhone-like features

Microsoft Corp.'s next operating system will be made for iPhone-like touch-screen applications, an alternative to the computer mouse, its top executives said. Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer unveiled the touch-screen feature at the Wall... [ Full story from SFGate: Business & Technology ]

AT&T ships out box packed with one bag, limitless hilarity

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Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments [ Full story from Engadget Mobile ]

Check Point Full Disk Encryption for Mac

Check Point Technologies on Wednesday unveiled Check Point Full Disk Encryption for Mac OS X, offering users pre-boot authenticated disk encryption, what the company claims is an industry first. Since the security software encrypts the entire disk before the operating system boots, Check Point says the multi-certified cryptology engine adheres to m... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Gates, Ballmer preview Windows 7: Multi-Touch and a Dock; Steve Jobs must be so proud

Windows 7, like other Microsoft OS’s before it, seems to have borrowed a thing or two from Mac OS X.... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple will clear goal of 10 million iPhones sold in 2008 with ease

I’ve stared at Apple’s iPhone sales figures repeatedly over the last few months, and I can’t see any... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple now more amenable to flexible TV Show pricing on iTunes Store?

This month, HBO joined the Internet's most successful content store with three series including 'The Sopranos' meriting $2.99 per episode... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Check Point releases Full Disk Encryption for Mac OS X

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. today announced the release of Check Point Full Disk Encryption for Mac OS X... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Macy’s dumps Microsoft Access for Apple’s FileMaker Pro 9 to manage Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

FileMaker Pro 9 has been selected by Macy's Parade & Entertainment Group as the database software platform to manage... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple releases sixth iPhone SDK beta

Apple has released the sixth beta version of the iPhone SDK... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

New iPhone 2 build; iTunes video rumors; Safari on Samsung L870

Apple on Wednesday released beta 6 of its iPhone SDK and also issued a new build of iPhone Software 2.0 to select developers. Meanwhile, the company is said to be warming up to variable TV show pricing as it primes a French iTunes video store for lau... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Apple silently rolls out French iTunes video store

Apple is reportedly getting ready to unveil the iTunes video store in France, according to some accidental search results that show up in the iTunes Store browser. According to MacGeneration , several shows are already occupying the store, ones from ABC Studios, ARTE, Dargaud TV, TV Dupsui, France 2, MTV and TF1 Vision. So far, Lost, SpongeBob Squ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Quick Tip of the Week: Managing Browser Tabs

Safari and Leopard make it easy to browse multiple websites in the same browser window using tabs. This quick video tip demonstrates how you can manage your desktop more efficiently by using tabs to consolidate and rearrange all your open browser windows in one. [ Full story from Apple Hot News ]

iPhone SDK contains a 3G iPhone icon?

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[Thanks, Michael]
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temper4iPhone emulates Turbografx-16 on the iPhone

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The guys at Touch Arcade are at it again -- this time, ZodTTD has ported temper, a TurboGrafx-16 emulator, to the iPhone, and as you can see above, this means something amazing: Bonk on the touchscreen. Sounds like the audio has a few little glitches, but seems like the controls and graphics are working as well as could be asked -- even in the slower Landscape mode (with the controls overlaid on the graphics), he says it was pulling about 50FPS.

There's even an emulator for the TurboGrafx-16 CD PC Engine, as long as you do a little tweaking (and nab the bios from somewhere that may or may not be legal -- same for the ROMs). temper4iPhone is still in beta, and just like all of these other emulators and jailbreak apps, we have no clue at all whether we'll ever get the chance to see them on the (rapidly approaching) App St ore. Still, it's awesome to see -- we've definitely come a long way from the NES emulator way back when.

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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Orange to trade up iPhones?

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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Mac 101: Right-click on a laptop

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Oh, the one-button mouse. You either love it or you hate it. Veteran Mac users adore the elegance and simplicity; switchers bemoan the loss of a second (or third) mouse button. Of course, the problem is easily fixed by either holding down the Control button or -- wait for it -- buying a two-button mouse.

On a laptop, you've got another option. MacSupport points out this simple method of using a "two-finger tap" in place of a right click. To set things up, follow these steps.

In the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane, select "Trackpad Gestures" under the Trackpad section . From there, select "Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click" and you're all set. Now, tapping the trackpad with two fingers will execute a right click.
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

10.5.3 and Beta 6 SDK, Oh my!

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Something interesting is hiding in 10.5.3. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it does. But if it's necessary to upgrade if you want to use the new SDK release, that means that there's a something that ties 10.5.3 to new iPhone features.

So intrepid TUAW readers-slash-detectives, what can you find lurking in that new 10.5.3 firmware release that provides new and exciting iPhone functionality ? Let us know in the comments.

My completely wild pulling-it-from-the-posterior guess is something to do with AppStore support -- or maybe the iNewton -- or maybe "back to my iPhone" support -- or... No really, I have no clue. Hopefully Uncle Steve will give us something nice for Keynotemas. Until then, see if you can figure it out.

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IOGEAR's AA-powered GearJuice gives you 15 more minutes to yap

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Netflix, Blockbuster Hold Dueling Investor Meetings

Both are repositioning to address the challenges of video rental business and new competitors like Apple, and Microsoft....
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CE-Oh no he didn't! Part LVI: Dell states, for the record, he could take Jobs in a fight

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[Thanks Seenew for Jobs' Mii]
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In case you missed it last night...

Reader Report: 10.5.3

initial feedback on Apple's latest patch collection for Leopard [17:10 EDT] [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Fannie-Freddie agreement on appraisers protested

Regulator seeks end to appraisers action

The regulator who oversees national banks is protesting an agreement by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to stop buying mortgages involving lenders' in-house appraisers, a deal intended to protect buyers from fraudulently inflated home prices.

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Apple Acquires Handwriting Recognition Tech From Chinese Developer

Early this month we reported that leaked screenshots of the "iPhone 2.0" developer firmware showed a type of handwriting recognition system in place when Chinese was selected as the iPhone language... [ Full story from iPod Hacks ]

Android demo at D shows UI, HTC Dream phone

Google's Android operating system has been demonstrated with new changes and on what appears to be a prototype of the HTC Dream, according to news from Android Community and others attending the company's I/O Conference. The latest version of the mobile operating system shows subtle but iPhone-like interface touches that haven't previously been se... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Apimac Slideshow adds media browser

Apimac has updated its Slideshow application with new features like a media browser, the ability to export a self-contained project and more. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Orange rolling out iPhone 2.0 upgrade path?

The French carrier might be plotting ways--including big discounts--to get current iPhone owners to upgrade to the expected 3G version after its expected release next month. [ Full story from CNET ]

FoneLink 2 Adds Activity Monitor, Native Sync Services Support

nova media announced the immediate availability of FoneLink 2.0 on Wednesday. The new version of the Mac and cell phone data exchange application gained an Activity Monitor view that shows current and pending actions, and built-in support for Apple's Sync Services for native iCal, Address Book and Entourage synchronization.

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Confirmed Intel delay will push back MacBook overhauls

Intel Corp. has confirmed that it will delay volume shipments of its upcoming "Montevina" Centrino 2 mobile platform by as much as two months, which will push a release of Apple's redesigned MacBook notebooks to late summer at the earliest. The wo... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

With Windows 7, You'll Be Able To Get Touchy-Feely

If you like the way you can handle your iPhone by deft finger maneuvers, you're going to love the future of Windows. The next version of Windows -- currently named Windows 7 -- will drive all kinds of devices with a similar technology.

Microsoft demonstrated its multi-touch technology at the D: All Things Digital conference, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, where Microsoft Vice President Julie Larson-Green used her fingers to draw a rudimentary landscape on a Dell laptop.

"You are going to see this in all different sizes and shapes of computers," she said.

The technology should be a natural for image editing and navigating online maps, Microsoft said. Larson-Green demonstrated manipulating an online map to find a nearby Starbucks.

In Touch with Surface

Microsoft actually demonstrated the technology at last year's D conference as a way to deploy touch in tabletops and kiosk-like displays. In that context, Microsoft is calling the technology Surface. And while Larson-Green's demo focused on manipulating a traditional PC, Microsoft envisions touchscreens implemented in all kinds of ways, Chris Flores, a Microsoft product director, wrote on the official Windows Vista blog.

"Surface harnesses touch and multi-touch capabilities to provide users with a natural way to interact directly with computing devices," Flores wrote. "Expect to see the table-like Surface devices in hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues."

Apple's iPhone may be the most obvious mainstream device sporting multi-touch, but touch-based interfaces are everywhere, including laptop touch pads, cell phones, remote controls and GPS devices, Flores said. "What becomes even more compelling is when this experience is delivered to the PC -- on a wide variety of Windows notebooks, in all-in-one PCs, as well as in external monitors. In working with our broad ecosystem of hardware and software manufactures, we're excited to be showing some of the great work and... [ Full story from CRM Daily ]

Guitar and Peripheral Skins Manufacturer, Launches Handheld Skins Line

Macomb, Mich. May 28, 2008 -, a designer and manufacturer of skins that replicate real life guitars for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, announced today that it has added skins for handheld gaming systems and the iPhone to its lineup. The new products, which are now available at for an estimated [...]
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iPO Review - Wave (iPhone case)

Griffin Technology's Wave case for the iPhone sports a nice minimalist design that protects your iPhone without hiding its elegance and comes in a passel of translucent pastel-ish colors
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More Confirmation of 3G iPhone Case Design?

MacNN republishes photos from iDealsChina which claim to be case moldings from Griffin Technology for the upcoming 3G-capable iPhone. Alongside the case images is an rendering of the 3G iPhone shape.

The moldings reveal the sam... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

An inside look: Adobe's upcoming Acrobat 9 Pro for Mac

On June 2 Adobe will announce Acrobat 9. In this exclusive preview, a seasoned Acrobat user takes a look at what features Adobe claims are fresh in the release, what has really changed, and whether the new version is worth the price of upgrading. ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Update: Apimac Slideshow '08 Release 2

Apimac's slideshow software adds a media browser with drag-and-drop support, an option to save a project in a self-contained format that includes any external media files, and interface improvements. [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Delicious Library 2 Gains iPhone, .Mac Web Support [Updated]

Delicious Monster rolled out Delicious Library 2 on Tuesday. The new version of the personal cataloging application added the ability to sync information with your iPhone, and added one-click Web publishing to .Mac accounts.

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Hot Forum Topic - The iPhone as Universal Remote

Today TMO readers are discussing the impact Apple's iPhone could have as an interface to home automation control systems and home theaters
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