Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Apple's bionic ARM to muscle advanced gaming graphics into iPhones

The next generation of iPhone appears set to claim exclusive access to advanced graphics core and video decoding technology, thanks to a secret licensing deal between Apple, mobile graphics leader Imagination Technologies, and Samsung, the iPhone's A... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Apple’s next-gen iPhone to be offered unlocked, even in U.S.?

AT&T may have dropped hints about Apple's plan for the iPhone this summer, based on a report in... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Macminicolo moves Time Capsule backup offsite

Las Vegas-based hosting company Macminicolo is offering an unusual new service, intended to provide extra redundancy for Mac users. Called Transport, it involves hosting a user's Time Capsule drive in the company's data center, where it is protected from disasters that might otherwise affect a customer's home or office. While a Capsule can be use... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Quad-Core CPUs Fill Gap Left by Apple

Quad-core PCs are starting to appear as prices come down and vendors seek to differentiate their new PCs from previous dual-core systems, according to C|Net on Tuesday. That differentiation also extends to Apple
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Looking at What Vista Lacks Compared to Leopard

Microsoft is often accused of copying other OSes, but there is a healthy list of eighteen features that Windows should have, but doesn't, according to PCWorld. The list is a eye-opening catalog of what Vista users are missing
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Psystar Open Computer unboxing and hands-on

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HyperEdit HTML/PHP editor improves Leopard support

HyperEdit, the HTML and PHP text editor, improves support for Leopard, gains stability fixes and makes other enhancements in its 1.6 release. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Microsoft releases Messenger for Mac 7

Microsoft has released Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 which Microsoft claims "is an integrated communications client... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Sometimes it seems as though the NY Times writes articles just...

Sometimes it seems as though the NY Times writes articles just for me: Seven New Sandwiches Try to Make it in New York.

One day last year at the Watchung Deli, at the request of a student from a nearby school, Ben Gualano piled mac-and-cheese onto a chicken cutlet sub with barbecue sauce and bacon, squeezed it shut somehow, and the Benny Mac was born... It's a full-body experience -- like a mud bath, but with extra ooze. One taster said afterward, "There was bacon in there?"

You may remember that I'm a sandwich fan. For dinner last night, I had a surprisingly good turkey sandwich of my own making (the little bit of onion and the pepper was the secret) and have made friends with a particularly good meatball hero and a banh mi near the office. My present sandwich life is entirely satisfying.

(link) [ Full story from ]

WWDC extension; Radeon HD 3870; MacBook Air EVDO hack

Apple has extended the early registration discount period for its upcoming developers conference. Meanwhile, ATI is reported to be prepping the release of its Radeon HD 3870 for all-generation Mac Pros. And one MacBook Air owner has installed a strip... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Apple Extends WWDC Early Registration Deadline

Apple announced on Wednesday that it is extending the early registration deadline for its World Wide Developer Conference< to May 9. Conference attendees that take purchase their pass before the early registration deadline passes can save US$300
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

The Washington Post reviews Apple’s Time Capsule: Simplest, easiest backup

Apple's Time Capsule is a box that combines a fast 802.11n WiFi router and a massive external hard drive... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Mac 101: Apply actions to multiple windows

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Here's a tip for those who take a tidy desk to the extreme. When you've got multiple Finder windows open, you can apply an action to all of them at once.

Press Command-Option-W to immediately close all windows. Likewise, if you hold down the Option key while pressing the red, yellow and green buttons in the upper left hand corner of a Finder window, you apply the corresponding action to all open windows
  • Option yellow minimizes all windows to the Dock
  • Option green maximizes all windows
  • Option red closes all windows
Keep your desktop neat and tidy by dismissing all open Finder windows in a snap.
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Razer offers DeathAdder gaming mouse for Mac

Razer is readying a Mac version of its popular DeathAdder gaming mouse, which features 1800dpi resolution. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Steve Ballmer uses a Mac for presentations

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You may remember Steve Ballmer (CEO of some other company) criticizing the iPod and iPhone on several occasions. Something that he definitely cannot criticize is the Mac, mostly because he was seen using one for a presentation. MacLife pointed us to Flickr picture showing what really powers the other Steve's presentation. What's there? You guessed it, a MacBook Pro. We imagine that it is running Windows via BootCamp, proving once again that the best Windows machine money can buy is a Mac.

I guess Microsoft is staring to "Think Different," eh?
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The "missing" iPhone ringtone

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We've all seen the iPhone ads. As my wife says, "I get it! The iPhone is for sale! I GET IT!"

Like I said, we've all seen them.

None are identical, but most have something in common. Namely, that peculiar ringtone. We call it peculiar because it isn't actually included with the iPhone. Luckily, most of us have it installed on our computers already.

As LifeClever points out, those with iLife '08 installed can find the ringtone in
  • /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/iLife Sound Effects/Work - Home/Cell Phone Ringing.aif.
Converting it to a ringtone is simple. First, drag a copy to your desktop. Launch GarageBand and import the clip. Next, click the Cycle Region button and drag the yellow indicator to the end of the clip.

Finally, select "Send ringtone to iTunes" from the "Share" menu and you're all set. If that seems like too much work for you, just download the file as a ringtone here. Incidentally, there are a lot more sound files in Loops directories that would make good ringtones as well.
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TMO Quick Tip - Leopard: Quick Look Package Contents

Apple offers a way to look inside installer packages via contextual menus, but it can be even easier than that. Thanks to Leopard's Quick Look feature and a free plug-in, you can check a package's contents with a quick tap of the Space bar
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ATI Radeon HD 3870 Video Card for the Mac Pro in May?

Barefeats and Xlr8yourmac report that the ATI Radeon 3870 video card will make its debut for the Mac Pro by the end of May.

We have received confirmation from a reliable source that a ATI will definitely offer a retail version of th... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

Rogers says Apple’s iPhone on the way to Canada

After almost a year of constant speculation, the most hyped device in the IT industry may finally be heading north. Analysts discuss the enterprise impact, and the possible cost of data plans [ Full story from IT World Canada: Daily IT NewsWire ]

Podcast - Mac Geek Gab #150: Random Questions, Cool Stuff Found, and Wacky Problems

The question queue is overflowing, and John and Dave dive in headfirst with some tough questions about audio, mail, and graphics. Then it's on to some Cool Stuff Found, including an app developed due to an MGG comment! After that, they just can't stop with the wacky questions, and there are a couple of those in today's episode, as well.

[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Denoise 1.0: noise, grain suppression utility

Banana Bee has released Denoise 1.0, an easy-to-use, noise and grain suppression utility for Mac OS X. Designed from the ground up for OS X, Denoise removes noise and grain from photographs. Users can simply drag an image from the Finder or iPhoto and Denoise will dutifully do its magic, and save the result. Image noise, a random fluctuation of pix... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

3G iPhone to be discounted to $199 by AT&T?

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Found Footage: Thinkpad MacBook Air parody

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There are two hot ultraportable computers on the scene now-a-days: the MacBook Air and the ThinkPad X300. Some clever Lenovo lover created this MacBook Air ad parody whic h points out the key differences between the Air and the X300: number of ports and an internal DVD drive (only available on some models).

Judging by pure aesthetics alone the Air wins, but ThinkPads are time tested workhorses so I wouldn't count out the X300. Either way, this parody is one of the better ones I've seen.

[via Fake Steve]
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AT&T to Provide $200 Subsidy on 3G iPhone? writer Scott Mortiz claims that AT&T is planning to offer a subsidy of as much as $200 on Apple's upcoming next-generation iPhone.

AT&T is preparing to subsidize $200 of the cost of a new iPhone, bringing the price down to... [ Full story from MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors ]

The largest and smallest Mac clones around

One Psystar customer has reported receiving an Open Computer, while a customer of Oqo's handheld computer has figured out a way to get Leopard running. [ Full story from CNET ]

3G iPhone to be discounted to $199 by AT&T?

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Are Cell Phones a Threat to Google?

Google's biggest threat may not be Microsoft or Yahoo.

No, one of the most formidable challenges facing Google is likely sitting in your pocket or purse. It's your cell phone, and it will put added pressure on Google and other Internet companies to revamp the way they handle online marketing.

As more people use cell phones and their tiny glass screens to gain access to the Internet, Google and its fellow online advertisers will have less space, or what's called ad inventory, to place marketing messages for customers. Google makes money selling ad inventory. And its ad inventory is diminished on a cell phone.

iPhone as Tipping Point

Google can now fit about 10 ads on a standard computer screen. [If you look at Google search results on a PC monitor, paid ads are the listings at the very top and along the right.] But on your cell phone, if you type in a search query at you get only one or two paid ads in response.

Imagine the horror that would befall your business if a large slice of what you sell suddenly disappeared. A similar fate could befall companies that depend on online advertising, as small screens become the gateway to the Internet.

Of course, no one's suggesting that consumers will abandon standard computer screens overnight. And early research shows that mobile advertising may be more effective than standard online advertising, suggesting that it will be more lucrative for the companies that rely on it. Still, the shift is coming fast enough that Google must get prepared.

It was Apple, a frequent Google collaborator, that tipped the trend. Consumer use of mobile Internet in the U.S. has longed trailed Asia and Europe, where standardized cell networks made it easier for handset makers to produce gadgets that tap the Web at blazingly fast speeds. But... [ Full story from CRM Daily ]

Apple erects second Green Monster in Boston

Apple has erected a second Green Monster to join the famous one in the Red Sox home, Fenway Park... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

MacBook Air modded with internal 3G EVDO

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The same brave MacBook Air owner who previously revealed the Air's internal USB connections has embraced the wireless promise of Apple's ultra-thin notebook by installing a USB727 Verizon Aircard inside the Air. The hack involved disassembling both the Air and the USB EVDO modem and soldering it to one of the Air's internal USB connections.

Unfortunately, the hack also required removing the internal Airport and Bluetooth card (both to get the space and to use the Airport antennas), so I doubt most Air owners would be i nterested. Nonetheless, the end result is quite impressive and looks great. He has also started a forum thread to discuss the hack.

Thanks Amy!
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

CNN writer and 20-year PC vet tries Apple’s MacBook Air: I’m switching to Mac

Elizabeth Mateo, founder of Casa Naranja, a newsletter and blog based in New York City that targets a style-conscious... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

BBC brings TV programs to Apple’s U.S. iTunes Store

The BBC today announced that for the first time BBC AMERICA programming will be available for purchase and download from the iTunes Store in the U.S... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Lab-testing the Frankenmac clone

Macworld Lab gauges the performance of Rob Griffiths's hand-built Mac clone. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Microsoft Releases Messenger for Mac 7

The Microsoft Mac Business Unit (Mac BU) announced on Tuesday that they have released Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 for both personal and corporate use. The Corporate version includes multi-party audio and video use
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Apple plans retail tweaks as Fenway teaser appears in Boston

Apple is tweaking the titles and attire of its retail staff, equipping store managers with "magic iPhones," and preparing for "opening day" at its latest flagship location in downtown Boston (the facade of which was recently shrouded in a replica Gre... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Pooch Cluster Software for Mac Adds OpenMPI Support

Messenger for Mac 7 adds Bonjour, AV meetings

Microsoft has released Messenger for Mac 7, the latest version of its ported instant messaging client. For all users the major addition is support for Apple's Bonjour technology, which lets users more quickly detect other users and peripherals on a network. It is now also possible to sort through contacts with a new search tool, and create nickna... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

VPN Tracker 5.2 adds SonicWALL support

equinux has released a new update for VPN Tracker, its IPsec-based Mac VPN client software. The tool is deliberately designed to mimic iChat, and can automatically connect to a VPN based on current location, as well as perform routine start-up tasks such as checking mail and mounting appropriate volumes. equinux claims to support over 300 VPN dev... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Microsoft Messenger 7 brings Bonjour support, corporate AV features

Microsoft's Mac BU has announced the release of a Messenger for Mac 7, its instant messaging client, including the video and audio chats for corporate users. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Radeon HD 3870 for Mac Pro by end of May?

AMD's Radeon HD 3870 will become available in a Mac version during May, a report suggests. Citing a "reliable source," the report claims that AMD's mid-range video card will "definitely" ship in Mac form before June, sold as a retail upgrade for owners of current and older Mac Pro desktops. The card should have 512MB of DDR4 RAM, and remain compa... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

iPodObserver - ChangeWave Looks at what BlackBerry and iPhone Customers Love Most

Previously, ChangeWave looked at the customer satisfaction levels of RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone. They saw an evolving two horse race in the U.S. smartphone market. Now, ChangeWave has looked at what customers of the two phones love most about them.

[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7

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The kind folks at the Mac BU dropped me a note announcing Messenger for Mac 7's availability. The big ticket item is full Audio/Visual conferencing support between Messenger on the Mac and on the PC. Sadly, this is only available for corporate accounts, so if you have a personal account you'll need to wait a little longer for that feature. Personal users, though, aren't entirely left out in the cold. You can now assign nicknames to contacts, search your contacts, and chat with people on your Bonjour network.

I use Messenger for corporate IM everyday, so I was excited to get by hands on this new version. Sadly, I can't seem to be able to log into my account using Me ssenger for Mac 7, so I'll have to take Microsoft's word on the new features.
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Razer brings DeathAdder gaming mouse to Mac

In an unusual move for an often Windows-centric company, Razer on Tuesday launched the DeathAdder Mac Edition, its first gaming mouse specifically tailored to the Mac. The new version includes drivers specifically geared towards first-person shooters on Apple's OS and lets users reprogram any of the five buttons or make adjustments to the mouse's ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Paper: 3G iPhone smaller, lighter than existing model [u]

Reports aiming to predict what Apple's 3G iPhone will look and feel like continue to pour in this week, with the latest claim coming by way of the Taiwan Economic News, which says the next-generation device will be both lighter and more compact than ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Dust kills

Dan Frakes takes his own advice about Mac maintenance and winds up fixing a problem involving dusty internal components. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Research in Motion to develop for iPhone?

Research in Motion, originator of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, may in fact be seeking to develop applications for Apple's iPhone, anonymous sources claim. A job listing for such a role is said to be circulating internally, with so few details that even RIM employees may not fully understand what their work will entail. "As part of a newly-c... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Paper: 3G iPhone smaller, lighter than existing model

Reports aiming to predict what Apple's 3G iPhone will look and feel like continue to pour in this week, with the latest claim coming by way of the Taiwan Economic News, which says the next-generation device will be both lighter and more compact than ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

iPodObserver - iPhone May be Non-exclusive in Latin America

Apple may be planning to drop its usual exclusive carrier plans for the iPhone in Latin America in favor of more traditional non-exclusive carrier deals. The news comes from unidentified sources that are "familiar with the situation."
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

BlackBerry maker in "confidential" hunt for iPhone developers

As much as Research in Motion is keen to maintain its marketshare edge against Apple, a new internal job listing suggests the BlackBerry creator is willing to jump the fence and write applications for the iPhone. People familiar with the listing ... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

MacFUSE 1.5 improves reliability

File system utility MacFUSE adds support for Leopard features and fixes bugs in its latest update. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Apple: 3G iPhones

"Shipments of the 3G iPhone are expected to top three million units in June..." [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Update: SEEdit Maxi 2008 R5

The XHTML editor is now freeware and adds improved Leopard support and improved error handling. [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

Apple: iPhone for Canada

"Rogers Communications Inc. said on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to bring Apple's iPhone to Canada." [ Full story from MacInTouch ]

PhoneValet update improves audio compression

PhoneValet, the telephony software for Mac OS X, sports improved audio compression, the ability to manage calls based on area code and a new timed backup feature. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Paper: 3G iPhone to be smaller, lighter

The next generation of Apple's phone should include a significantly smaller phone that may replace the existing model, according to claims by Taiwan Economic News. The paper echoes recent rumors in claiming that the device will use a plastic backing in place of aluminum but also contends that the device will be significantly smaller than the origi... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

BBC America shows added to iTunes Store

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American anglophiles, rejoice! Three BBC America shows have just been added to the iTunes Store line up. The shows are:
A good start, I would say but I'm holding out for Bargain Hunt and How Clean is Your House? Oh, and that show about that doctor would be nice too.

All the BBC America shows cost the usual $1.99 with the entire seasons ranging in price.

Thanks, Theo.
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Hot Forum Topic - 3G iPhone Wish List

Today TMO readers are discussing the features they want to see in Apple's supposed upcoming 3G iPhone
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

iPodObserver - Rogers Strikes iPhone Deal in Canada

Rogers Wireless revealed on Tuesday that it will be Apple's official iPhone partner in Canada. The Canadian cell carrier isn't saying exactly when the iPhone will hit store shelves, but did confirm it would happen some time in 2008
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Found Footage: Leopard on an OQO

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An enterprising OQO user has gotten Leopard running on his tiny PC. If you aren't familiar with the OQO, it is billed as 'a full PC that fits in your pocket.' It has a slide out keyboard and runs a full version of Windows, and not Windows Mobile.

According to trf's forum posting Leopard is running pretty well except that video resolution is stuck at 800x480 and the WWAN card isn't working yet. Check out this YouTube video to watch the OQO boot up (it takes about 2 minutes to fully boot). Leopard seems to be running fairly well on the OQO, but don't whip out your wallet just yet. As with all non-Apple hardware that is running OS X, this isn't supported by Apple.

[via Engadget]
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

Apple retail workers to change names, uniforms

Apple is making a variety of changes to the ranks and uniforms of its workers, reports say. Mac Geniuses and Mac Specialists are having the "Mac" dropped from their name, reflecting the broader scope many already serve, while Business Consultants are becoming Business Partners. Uniforms are making a variety of subtle shifts; while Genius and Cre... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Macs in the enterprise: How do you like them Apples?

The corporate world has long been under the sway of Microsoft...but for how long? ComputerWorld Canada compiles our biggest-ever reference guide to an enterprise IT alternative [ Full story from IT World Canada: Daily IT NewsWire ]

Macs in the enterprise: How do you like them Apples?

The corporate world has long been under the sway of Microsoft...but for how long? ComputerWorld Canada compiles our biggest-ever reference guide to an enterprise IT alternative [ Full story from ITWorld Canada: Enterprise Business Applications ]

Monday, April 28, 2008

Netgear offers up 6-bay ReadyNAS Pro

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Four months is just too long to go without an all new ReadyNAS, so we suppose that's why Netgear is kicking out an all new 6-bay unit (6TB RNDP6610; 3TB RNDP6310; 1.5TB RNDP6350) for those obsessed with storage. The box can handle up to 6TB of HDD space and features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM (up to 4GB supported), 128MB of embedded flash for the OS, a pair of gigabit Ethernet ports, three USB 2.0 sockets and support for RAID 0/1/5/6 and Auto-Expandable X-RAID2. As expected, Windows / Mac / Linux clients can all tap in, and the unit streams all sorts of media on the side. Of course, acquiring the industry's first 6-bay small-form-factor NAS drive won't come cheap, with the ReadyNAS Pro starting at around two large.
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iMac ATI Radeon HD Graphics Firmware Update 1.0.1

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Apple just released an update for iMacs sporting either a ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro or a ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT graphics card. According to Apple, the update will "improve system stability" by installing a firmware upgrade on the graphics cards. This does affect the newly released iMacs.

After this update is installed, you should see ROM version: 113-B2250L-259. You can download the update by opening Software Update (Apple menu > Software Update) on the affected system, or by downloading the installer package directly from Apple.

Apple also notes: To complete the firmware update process, please follow the instructions in the updater application (/Applications/Utilities/iMac ATI Radeon HD Graphics Firmware The updater will launch automatically when the Installer closes.
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

MacMall offering $100 rebates on new iMacs, in stock now

MacMall, Apple's largest direct reseller, is offering up to $100 in rebates on the just-announced Penryn-based iMacs, each of which comes with free shipping, a free printer, and a free copy of Parallel's Desktop 3.0. The reseller is claiming stock... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

Apple CEO Steve Jobs: ‘We’re very happy with Intel’

Apple’s acquisition of chip design firm P.A. Semi this week started tongues wagging about whether... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple celebrates iTunes Store’s 5th birthday; touts 10 million song catalog

Apple on Monday celebrated the fifth anniversary of iTunes with a look at back at all... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Apple posts graphics firmware update for iMacs

Apple has released a 1.0.1 firmware update for iMacs equipped with Radeon HD 2400 XT and Radeon HD 2600 Pro-equipped iMacs. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Five classic TV shows released on iTunes

Apple today unveiled five classic television series on the iTunes store: 21 Jump Street, Hunter, The Greatest American Hero, Wiseguy, and Silk Stalkings. The release comes as Stephen J. Cannell Productions teams up with New Video to offer the content on iTunes, with The Commish and Renegade to show up in the following months. The classic series' ar... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

EA Co-Founder To Depart For iFund Backer Kleiner Perkins

Venture capital firm KPCB -- the investor group behind Apple's $100 million iFund to seed third party iPhone development -- has announced that Electronic Arts co-founder and CCO William 'Bing' Gordon will be joining the firm as Partner as of June 2008. The firm says Gordon will retain some connection with Electronic Arts as its Chief Creative Officer Emeritus, and will "return to the company to lead periodic workshops on innovation with EA Studio leaders." ...

[ Full story from Gamasutra News ]

Psystar Mac Clone Delivered (with video)

A Psystar customer took delivery of his Open Computing Mac clone and published a video of the startup process to show that it's really running Mac OS X, according to Gizmodo on Monday. However, software updates are not enabled and the computer's cooling fans seemed a bit noisy. A healthy discussion of the OSx86 project ensued
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

3GHz iMac's CPU overclocked, not next-gen

The 3.06GHz processor and fellow chips in Apple's new iMacs are part of a special run of Intel's existing technology rather than an early introduction of Centrino 2 technology, Intel has confirmed with Electronista. Although the processors match the same core clock rates and 1,066MHz system bus speeds as those for the upcoming platform, the proces... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

iPodObserver - Latest Must-Have Toy in Russia: iPhone

The latest, must-have toy for Russia's elite, to the tune of 500,000 of them, is Apple's iPhone, even though the product isn't officially for sale there, according to the WashingtonPost on Saturday
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

iPodObserver - Commercial Times: 3M iPhone 3Gs Ordered for June

Foxconn Electronics has landed an order for 3 million iPhone 3Gs, according to the Chinese language Commercial Times which quoted institutional investor sources in Taipei. Currently, Foxconn is the exclusive maker of Apple's first generation iPhone
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

TrailRunner 1.6 (v223) Released

Hikers, joggers, and active folk in general should have a look at Berbie's TrailRunner 1.6 (v223) for Mac OS X. TrailRunner is a route planning software for all kinds of long distance sports like... [ Full story from iPod Hacks ]

Mac Pilot 3.0 adds 200 new features

We last covered Mac Pilot when version 2 dropped several years ago and now Koingo Software is back with a Mac Pilot 3 which adds hundreds of new features bringing the total to over 600. Fully compatible with Leopard, Mac Pilot provides a convenient GUI interface for modifying tons of hidden settings that are generally only available through the terminal.

Mac Pilot is $19.95 ($9.95 upgrade) and demo is available.
[via MacNN]
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

1Password updated with anti-phishing support

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It's been six months between major upgrades to browser credentials manager and all-around swell pal 1Password, and the Agile team has not been napping; the new version 2.6 offers anti-phishing tech courtesy of integration with, compatibility with SSB fave Fluid, and a more streamlined password-changing option to avoid the proliferation of old credentials.

Single-user licenses of 1Password are $34.95 and 3-license family packs are $49.95 (otherwise known as $35 and $50; can we agree that pricing downloadable items as if they were sportscars or boxes of detergent, while psychologically valid, is darned silly) and upgrades from 2.5 to 2.6 are free of charge for most users. MacHeist II bundle owners are covered for this upgrade, however those who got a free license via Macworld's Mac Gems promotion will have to cough up the dough for the new version.
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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]

QuickerTek Intros Time Capsule Booster Antenna

QuickerTek announced the immediate availability of its Dualy Extreme Wi-Fi antenna booster for Apple's Time Capsule on Monday. The external antenna add-on is comaptible with 500GB and 1TB Time Capules, and QuickerTek claims it extends the device's wireless range up to five times compared to the built-in antenna
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Hot Forum Topic - Reader Reactions: Apple's New iMac

Today TMO readers are sharing their first impressions on Apple's freshly updated iMacs that are available with Intel Core 2 Duo processors running at up to 3.06GHz
[ Full story from The Mac Observer ]

Apple celebrates 5 years of iTunes Store, 10 million song catalog

Apple on Monday took pause in a section of its iTunes Store to celebrate half a decade of the digital download service that brought mainstream acceptance to the market for paid digital downloads. "This is where it all began. Launching on April 28,... [ Full story from AppleInsider ]

WiebeTech offers UltraDock v4 drive interface

The UltraDock v4 is WiebeTech's new top-end DriveDock interface to let you hook up a bare hard drive to your Mac externally. [ Full story from Macworld ]

Indian Outsourcing Company Recruits with a Bus

Faced with a difficulty finding skilled employees, one of India's leading outsourcing companies is going out to find prospective workers -- on a bus.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd.'s orange-and-white recruitment bus has been touring Mumbai, India's financial capital, over the last few days inviting potential workers to "Step in to step ahead."

While the bus may be a recruitment gimmick, it shows the lengths India's outsourcing companies -- which have been leading India's economic boom -- have to go as the industry grapples with a serious shortage of skilled labor.

"The industry is facing a tremendous talent crunch. This innovation may expand the talent pool and take jobs to the job seekers," said Aashu Calapa, executive vice president at Firstsource, which handles financial services for global banks, telecommunication and health care companies.

India became a major force in the global outsourcing business with its huge pool of English-speaking, well-educated labor force -- often prepared to work for a quarter of the costs or less than their counterparts in American and European countries.

But in recent years, companies have struggled to fill positions as the high-tech industry expanded faster than qualified workers were being trained.

The nature of the job, tedious shift work -- often in the middle of the night to coincide with business hours in the U.S. and Europe -- also takes its toll, with an almost 50 percent burnout rate among workers, according to the National Association of Software and Services Companies.

Since the 45-day mobile recruitment drive began Tuesday, some 50 people have entered the bus to apply for call center positions.

Teena John, 26, said she saw the bus as an opportunity to get back into the business after taking a break last year from a three-year stint in outsourcing to care for her ailing father.

"It seemed a little desperate to do a drop-in interview... [ Full story from CRM Daily ]

Shouldn’t government sites be open to all browsers, including Apple’s Safari?

In the past, Safari users have run into problems accessing a lot of Web sites that just weren't built... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

QuickerTek ships Time Capsule-ready Wi-Fi boosters

QuickerTek has announced that it is shipping new versions of its Dualy Extreme Wi-Fi extender, this time designed around Apple's Time Capsule backup/NAS drives. The standard option consists of two 500mW transceivers (1W combined) connected to two antennas, which can increase the range of a Time Capsule up to five times; alternately, this may help ... [ Full story from MacNN | The Macintosh News Network ]

Apple Store currently offline [UPDATE: Store back online with new iMacs]

Apple's online store is currently offline, displaying the familiar message that often... [ Full story from MacDailyNews ]

Muxo adds soft subtitle support for iPhone

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Over on the Handbrake forums a contributor has released an interesting tool called Muxo that allows adding soft subtitles to MP4 that are supported on the iPhone. Soft subtitles are those that can be turned on and off, rather than being actually encoded into the video with tools we've mentioned before like Submerge and RoadMovie. Entropic designed Muxo as an accessory to Handbrake, allowing you to add SRT subtitles to a fresh DVD rip. Once you load them on your iPhone you'll get a menu button that lets you turn the subtitles on and off.

Muxio is a free download here (download link).

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[ Full story from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ]